Scott booed — all Floridians not fooled

11/28/2013, 9 a.m.
Governor Rick Scott is determined to win another term because he can continue to fudge numbers and tell everyone that ...

Governor Rick Scott is determined to win another term because he can continue to fudge numbers and tell everyone that the Florida economy is improving as a result of his policies. He refuses to acknowledge that the entire economy in the country is improving, because of President Obama’s policies. The stock market is breaking records and no one gives the president any accolades and kudos.

Our governor has been able to fly around the state in his personal jet and tell Floridians that he cares about families, but in the last two years he has approved tuition increases by 13 percent. In 2011, he approved an 8 percent tuition increase and last year approved a 5 percent increase. This would appear that he does not care about making it easier for families but instead he is making it harder. But as the saying goes: “You can fool the people some of the time but you can’t fool the people all of the time.”

At a recent soccer fan event in Orlando celebrating Florida’s new major league soccer franchise, Scott attempted to speak. When he took the microphone, the crowd booed and refused to let him say a word. It is evident that there are folks in Orlando and in the I-4 corridor that are angry with his polices. When the governor vetoed a bill in May that would have allowed undocumented immigrants who love soccer with a new temporary status to obtain a driver’s license, they didn’t forget. This was a commonsense approach and solution to the immigrant problem in the state, but our governor ignored reality. Now, undocumented immigrants will be forced to drive without a license and increase the prison rolls.

The lieutenant governor’s office has been vacant since March, when Jennifer Carroll resigned quickly after being questioned about her links to a non-profit organization suspected of fraud and illegal gambling. But corruption in Scott’s administration did not stop there, because in July, Department of Children and Families Secretary David Wilkins, and in August, Department of Education Commissioner Tony Bennett were both forced out by scandal.

And there appears to be in Scott’s administration a track record of corruption and scandal with Heritage, an insurance company, getting a major gift of $52 million after contributing $110,000 to his campaign. The head of the company had been in operation for less than nine months and the one who ran the company had hundreds of insurance violations. Many pundits and political experts are calling this “corporate welfare” because Citizens Property Insurance is paying Heritage $52 million to take 60,000 policies. It all smells rotten and there are some fundamental problems with corruption and scandals within the Scott administration. There is no transparency or accountability in the State and the media is not addressing or exposing these fraudulent practices in his administration and legislature. Booing Scott off the stage is just the beginning of how Floridians really think about our governor. Scott approved the biggest cut to public education in Florida’s history too. We won’t be fooled again.

Roger Caldwell is the CEO of On Point Media Group in Orlando.