It’s time to let Mayor Tondreau do her job

Miami Times Editorial Department | 10/3/2013, 9 a.m.

Ever since Lucie Tondreau defeated Kevin Burns in a run-off election for mayor of North Miami last spring, there’s been a court battle, led by Burns, to oust his opponent due to alleged City charter violations. Burns has contended that Tondreau never properly qualified to run for office because she had not lived in the required place of residence for at least one year. Tondreau refuted his claim.

Burns, a former mayor for North Miami, was one of several candidates hoping to replace the most recent mayor, Andre Pierre. However, he was soundly defeated by Tondreau who garnered the lion’s share of the vote on the run-off. Burns says he has no hard feelings and that this is not about his winning or losing. Instead, he claims that he has continued his fight in the courts in order to make sure that justice prevailed and that the rules of the City charter were followed.

That said, we’re at a loss to explain why after two separate decisions by Florida judges, the most recent from a Miami-Dade County judge who dismissed the case, Burns won’t accept the writing on the wall.

We strongly disagree with his alleged plans to file an appeal. North Miami needs to move forward and Mayor Tondreau deserves a chance to do the job for which a majority of voters have elected her. As for Mr. Burns, our advice is that he pick up his marbles and go home.