Rubio shows his true colors — and they aren’t pretty

Miami Times Editorial Department | 10/3/2013, 9 a.m.

At one time U.S. Senator Marco Rubio was being touted as a vice-presidential shoo-in, with his dazzling good looks and clean cut appearance. In fact, Rubio became a darling of the media as well as Republicans, particularly those from the far right. But that was before we began to see a few chinks in his armor as several parts of his “story” were proven to be less than accurate.

As Rubio’s stock continued to decline, he obviously concluded that he needed to do some damage control before his dreams of White House occupancy descended into oblivion.

Perhaps that’s why Florida’s Republican senator decided to flip the script and block the nomination of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge William Thomas last week. Rubio says he changed his mind because he had “questions about [Thomas’s] judicial temperament and his willingness to impose appropriate criminal sentences.” In this case, Rubio, who has told alternative stories about his family’s origin, switched his views on immigration whenever it was politically expedient and stood against the Affordable Healthcare Act — which is in fact the law of the land — has gone too far.

Rubio has not only sabotaged the reputation of an outstanding judge who incidentally is openly-gay, but he has aborted the confirmation process of a man who he once supported along with President Obama. We can’t prove that Rubio decided to become a chameleon and change his colors because he was feeling the heat from his right wing tea party pals, but we suspect that is the case. Actually, we believe that Rubio has never attempted to be anything more than a leopard lying in wait. And you know what they say about leopards — they can’t change their spots.