Miami Food banks seeing decline in reserves

Government shut down hits close to home

Gigi Tinsley | 10/10/2013, 9 a.m.
“In a few days, things are going to get critical — it could be very frightening for some of our ...

“In a few days, things are going to get critical — it could be very frightening for some of our clients,” said Laverne Holiday, director of Curley’s House of Style, Inc. — Hope Relief Food Bank. “When the basic needs of people are threatened, they go into protective, defensive, combative modes. My fear is that people will do whatever they need to do to survive. And throughout

Miami, especially in Liberty City, they are rapidly approaching that position.”

Holiday added that the statements she’s heard from Speaker of the House John Boehner are nothing short of “insane.”

“He talks like we don’t know who we voted into the office of president,” she said. “We voted for Barack Obama because he cares about the average and middle class people, not just about the wealthy. Republicans have got to stop spreading so much hate. We need to stop their checks too so they know how it feels not to have your basic needs met.”

Rev. Dr. Harriette Wilson-Greene, the pastor of Omega Power and Praise Ministry in Liberty City, lives in the area and has been giving to others since she was a child.

“My mother taught us to help those in need and told us that when we do, God will bless us,” she said. “But when you treat people like dirt you will get that back too.”

People in Miami need food

“I know this community and its people — some of them depend almost entirely on the food we distribute to them each Monday,” Wilson-Greene added. “They have no jobs and need the food. We deliver to 45 families who are unable to get to us. When we get to the church each Monday, we find people who say they have been there for hours, waiting.”

Wilson-Greene and the members of Omega Power and Praise Ministry refer to themselves as “a little ministry with a big heart,” because of the things they do with approximately 50 members.

“We do all of this with volunteers from my former job [a retired postal employee], family members and friends,” she said. “When my grandchildren are home from school, they gladly jump right in and help get the food out to the people.”

She says that number one on her list of prayers is for Congress to vote to end the shutdown and to allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture to start bringing more food to Miami.

“Join us in prayer,” she said. “Prayer changes things.”