My own message to the world before I die

10/10/2013, 9 a.m.

Since life began via my beloved parents, a very special thanks would have to be extended to them first for not only partaking in the act of procreation, which ultimately led to my existence, but also for supplying me with enough love and support to fill up a lifetime. Then, I would go on to express gratitude to members of my family tree for having had the privilege of bearing the same flesh and blood throughout my journey, and for the joyful moments we once shared. To my small circle of loyal and trusted friends — those who stuck closer to me than a brother — I would direct my appreciation to them for making me lucky enough to have had the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful feeling of bonding with other human beings. It is also my desire for my last “hurrah” to be completed on a positive note in case any of my enemies or the people who I have hurt or harmed in some way show up to view my lifeless body. I would have a line or two prepared for them to read to kill the animosity between us and establish myself a repentant soul. To truly rest in peace, it is imperative for me to know that I departed the world leaving behind a few words from the heart. I wouldn’t say too much but, I’m almost certain that although I will always be remembered by some, I will probably be forgotten by most by the turn my remains turn into dust. My only hope is that when God, the film director of my life, yells that final “cut!,” I will not only be remembered as a man who chased after waterfalls but also as one who tried to swim in rivers and laves before taking his last breath.