Spreading Larceny

10/10/2013, 9 a.m.

Local attorney Roderick Vereen was on Chief Jimmy Brown’s HOT 105 radio talk show last Sunday night, providing an interesting update on the on-again, off-again fight lodged by Tyrone Greene, owner of the now-defunct Greene Dreams Shoe Care Center against both the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. Vereen says based on a recent court ruling, he believes that Greene will stand to gain wages he has lost [along with additional damages] since the building Greene leased was demolished because of its “unsafe condition” last January. Greene says he intends to keep fighting “until justice prevails” calling it a battle between “David and Goliath.” Stay tuned.

We hear there’s a bit of clamor in the air about some of the signs that “welcome” visitors and residents into some of the neighborhoods that overlap or are adjacent to the Little Haiti community. From what we can gather, the boundaries for Little Haiti haven’t been changed but allegedly the signs of welcome have. What’s disconcerting in all of this hullabaloo isn’t whether one area is Little Haiti or Lemon City, but the fact that the disagreement is between Blacks. We don’t profess to be city planning experts or legal eagles but it would be nice if different ethnic persuasions within the overall Black community could agree to disagree. After all, when outsiders look at us, we are all Black. Stay tuned.

We’d sure like to be a fly on the wall as the school board superintendent and his crew move forward with their plans for improving education in Miami-Dade County. Specifically, we’d like to know how many new Black schools will be built from among the $1.2B in bonds that voters recently approved. Blacks gave their support in record numbers. Now it’s time to see how much our vote was appreciated. We need new schools not old schools with new facades. Stay tuned.