When God calls, it’s best to listen and obey

Rev. McGee’s chat with Lord leads to king building

10/10/2013, 9 a.m.
On Sunday, November 8, 2009, 42 people met at the home of Gunnie and Veronica Watson at the invitation of ...
Reverend Kenneth McGee

On Sunday, November 8, 2009, 42 people met at the home of Gunnie and Veronica Watson at the invitation of the Reverend Kenneth McGee. The gathering was held, according to McGee, in order to organize a new church. After calling the group to order and informing them of what the Lord had placed on his heart, McGee said, “It was a unanimous vote that we would organize a church, that McGee would be its founding pastor and its name would be House to House Faith Ministry.

The following officers were elected: John Turner, deacon and chairman of the deacon board; Jerome Lovett, vice-chairman; Elizabeth Turner, president-women’s ministry; Geneva Barnes, mother of the church; and Veronica Watson, church secretary.

The group held their first service that Sunday at the Watson’s home.

“The powerful influence of unity, love, grace, redemption and divined intervention touched the lives of the people of House to House Faith that day,” McGee said. “Those attributes have continued to guide us. To God be the glory.”

McGee says that blessings continued to rain down on the new congregation. After just one week, Edward Rolle, who was chosen as a trustee of the church, was able to secure space at a nearby hotel [the El Palacio Hotel].

Name changes but mission remains the same

On Dec. 7, 2009, the name of the church was changed to Greater Harvest Baptist Church and the theme “Walking in Purpose, Sowing in Expectation, Believing in Jesus” was adopted.

“As God spoke to my heart, I broke from religious tradition in an uncompromising way,” McGee added. “We went from tradition to transformation, religion to relation and membership to discipleship so that we would be in true fellowship with Christ.”

Were McGee and the congregation on the right path? Consider that in the first year, their membership grew from 42 to over 150. According to McGee they adopted the acronym FACT [Faithful, Accountable, Committed and Trainable/Teachable] to describe their purpose and their aim.

“We believe the greater the seed, the greater the harvest, so 17 ministries were established,” he said.

Two years ago, in October, the Greater Harvest Church family moved to their current house of worship at 14135 NW 7th Avenue. Everything they needed — a podium, chairs, sound system and tables — was waiting in storage for their newly-found home.

“God is doing marvelous things and we give him all the praise, honor and glory,” McGee said. “Two ‘sons,’ Minister George McGee and Minister Aaron Cochran have received their ‘calling’ into the ministry.”

As the church celebrates its fourth anniversary, McGee’s wife added her own “praise report.”

“We are thrilled to be part of the movement that God has begun here at Greater Harvest, Lady McGee said. “We hope you will join us on this soul saving mission for Christ.”

Kevin mcneir