Peace Park rally to unite youth

Bunche Park reopens after months of sports inactivity

Ashley Montgomery | 10/17/2013, 9 a.m.
Teddy bears — intended to bring joy and love have instead taken on a whole new meaning in our urban ...

Teddy bears — intended to bring joy and love have instead taken on a whole new meaning in our urban communities. Many in our community know exactly what it means to see a bunch of teddy bears stacked on top of one another, accented with lit candles and t-shirts of those who we’ve lost — another death.

Proceeding a slew of shootings at Bunche Park, The City of Miami decided to do something that has never been done in order to achieve new results. With the help of several community groups, the first ever Peace Park Rally was held last Thursday night.

Practice for all Florida Youth Football League [FYFL] football and cheerleaders were suspended.

All teams gathered at Bunche Park to rally and promote peace and violence prevention. The event was hosted by Miami Gardens councilman, Rodney Harris.

Several speakers took the stage to speak to the youth about the importance of peace on our parks. Speakers included: Judge Orlando A. Prescott; Dwight Richardson, funeral home mortuary; parents who lost children to gun violence; and rapper Flo-Rida.

Demetrius Allen, CEO of the Urban Garden Foundation, the group responsible for putting on Uncle Al’s Peace In The Hood Festival for the past 10 years is happy to be apart of this positive movement.

“This event is very important, different teams are coming together at one park. . . and this is something that has never happened before,” Allen said.

Urban Garden Foundation was proud to join forces with the City of Miami Gardens and the FYFL.

“Sports is good for the hood, and we understand that some of these kids will eventually go off to high school and college and become teammates, so we want to keep that bond strong. We’re losing too many of our young leaders of tomorrow.”

Free wristbands were also given away with the campaign slogan: no more teddy bears.