Anna Sweeting | 10/17/2013, 9 a.m.
On Oct. 5th Mrs. Willie Pearl Porter celebrated her 102nd birthday with her church family and the Miami Black Nurses ...

On Oct. 5th Mrs. Willie Pearl Porter celebrated her 102nd birthday with her church family and the Miami Black Nurses Association (BNA) who worshipped together at the Church of the incarnation, Sunday Sept. 29, in honor of Mrs. Porter, a proclamation of official church mother was presented by father Errol A. Harvey D.D. Several tributes were presented to the honoree, along with the congregation. A legacy award and birthday cake were provided by the Black Nurses Association. Josephine Hall is chairperson of the Caring Hearts Guild, and Dr. Lenora Yates is president of the Miami BNA.

Rosalyn Blue-Parkinson of Raleigh, N.C. visited her parents Edward and Betty Blue. They had an enjoyable time when the family visited Savannah, Ga. and Tampa, Fla. Roalyn will remain in Miami for a week before returning to her home in Raleigh, N.C.

Get well wishes to all of the sick and shut-ins:

Leila O’Berry, Rev. Shedrick Gilbert, Barbara Patterson, Bernadette Ingraham,Veronica O’Berry, Muriel C. Parker, Cynthia Bethel, Leanora Bryant, Ella McKinney, Barbara Kee, Gail Goring, Alfred McKinney, Pauline McKinney, Frances Brown, Louise Cleare, Earl Carroll, Wilhelmina S. Welch, Thomas Nottage, Freddie “Jabbo” Johnson, Evangeline Gibson, Adrianna Cruz, Herbert Rhodes, Winston Scavella, Marcus Terrell, Earl Marshall, Hughue Nairn, Sr.,Thedore Moss, Barbara Kee, Iradel Bodie, Donyale Outler, Jessie Pender, Rev. Samuel Brown, Annie Moss, Gladys Moss, Varnell Evans, Cecil Stanley Newbold III and Willie Neal.

Birthday greetings to my sister

Gayle Denise Sweeting who celebrated her birthday on Oct. 5 — may you enjoy many more.

Happy wedding anniversary greetings to the following “love birds” of the week

Frank and Shirley Cooney, Jr., 28 years

Malcolm and Diane Davis, 22 years

Very sorry to have heard of the death of soror Thelma Davis wife of Joey Davis. She was a graduate of St. Augustine in Raleigh N.C.

You are cordially invited to the Dance the night away on Oct. 11 in St. Agnes’ Parish Hall 8 p.m. until midnight — BYOB/BYOF. Wear your high school/college paraphernalia sponsored by the Episcopal Churchman II and the parish chapter. Don’t forget let’s party on Oct. 11 See you there!

Save the date — if you have not been to “Key West” lately now is your chance to go for a days outing on Oct. 19 sponsored by the winter months of St. Agnes round trip — reserve your seat now! Call Elizabeth Betty Blue, Florance Moncur or Carolyn Spicer Mond. Round trip $50.00

Sorry I missed seeing all of the beautiful animals who were brought to the Church of the Incarnation. I am not a member there, but I love animals and would have loved to have seen them all. I heard they behaved well.