Apostle Jean answers call: ‘Save the Children’

Started Divine Hope Restoration Ministries from home

Gigi Tinsley | 10/24/2013, 9 a.m.
After being a faithful member of the streets, a former wrestling coach, and a gifted athlete, R. Caleb Jean answered ...

After being a faithful member of the streets, a former wrestling coach, and a gifted athlete, R. Caleb Jean answered a divine call that had been placed on his heart by the Lord. The call was “Save the Children.” It was in 1995 that Jean decided to change his lifestyle. The following year, Jean says he transformed his life completely and “answered the call from God upon my life and became an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The message he heard was ‘Save the Children.’

Jean’s ministry was not started in a regular designated church building. He was approached by a 17-year-old student at Miami Northwestern Senior High School to become a Bible Study Club sponsor. The first session held under his leadership was in a drama classroom and nine students were in attendance. The next day that room was spiritually transformed into a sanctuary that housed 30 students.

“The glory of God filled the room and students were set free from a whole lot of stuff,” Jean said. They were saved  from their sins and as the praises went up to God, the blessings began to pour down all around the campus.”

As the word spread about the Bible Club, the number of attendees grew to 80 or more for each session. The Bible study later adopted the name “Youth Alive." Parents and instructors began to witness the changes in the students’ behavior in the classrooms and on both the basketball court and football field.

There is strength in unity

On June 5, 2000, Caleb married his best friend Danielle. But soon tragedy struck.

Seven months later, on Jan. 28th, an intruder entered the premises of the school where a tussle began on the second floor and ended abruptly, on the first floor. The fall left Caleb paralyzed. While in the hospital and unable to move, Caleb was reminded by his wife, who at the time was pregnant, of what God says in his word: “the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the  Lord . . . this is not your destiny.”

“Her words strengthened my faith,” said  Jean, “considering that the medical professionals had said I would never walk again. But God had the last say and through the prayers of the righteous and his move on my life, I walked out of the hospital that same day. To this day the Bible Study Club continues at Northwestern.

After Jean left the school, he was approached by several individuals to start a Bible study class in his home. With his wife in agreement, they began a Wednesday night study.

In 2007, Jean accepted his “call” into the ministry of the gospel and became an ordained minister. He had been a faithful member of a local church and when he approached them about starting a new church he received their support.

"Divine Hope Restoration Ministries held its first service on June 3, 2007 at the El Palacio Hotel with 80 members in attendance,” Jean said.

"We place much emphasis on the apostolic and prophetic areas of ministry and we continue to grow and operate as a five-fold international ministry.”

In 2009, Jean became an apostle and soon after graduation he was presented an honorary Doctorate Degree from the The Joy of the Lord Institute. Along with his wife, Prophetess Danielle, Jean resides in Miami Gardens with their 8 children.

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