Has District 5 election turned into a two-man race?

Recent forum appears to have Dunn, Hardemon going after each other

10/24/2013, 9 a.m.
With the recent redistricting in the State of Florida, the City of Miami’s District 5 looks different than it did ...
KEEPING THINGS IN ORDER: Young Dems VP Aaron McKinney moderates a recent forum for the candidates of District 5. Miami Times photo/Cuthbert Harewood

Hardemon used that information to criticize Dunn saying that a “commissioner has to be able to handle financial reporting on a timely basis, given the large amount of money for which we are responsible.”

Dunn, in comments after the forum, said, “I stand on my record and will not get into a situation of attacking my opponents. Character assassination is not the way I plan to win this election.”

Can Colyer or Malone grab the megaphone?

To their credit, both Dr. Robert Malone, Jr. and Jacqui Colyer gave solid answers to the questions posed by moderator Aaron McKinney. Malone, still considered a long shot, said, “I’m running to address issues of humanity and I am tired of seeing the warehousing of poor people in high rises.”

In his comments on crime, he said, “I have a passion for young Black males but I refuse to support those who are armed with weapons and committing crime. They should be locked up for the safely of all citizens.”

Colyer had challenges answering questions within the given time frame but eventually made the adjustments. Still, she was hard pressed to bring home her answers in a way that moved the audience. She pointed to her job experience as the director of Neighborhood and Community Services as proof that she could get the job done.

When asked for whom she would vote from among the other three candidates, she said, “I would vote for each of them based on different aspects. If forced to go with one, I would pick Malone — but I’m not endorsing him.”

Malone said he would support Hardemon, whom he has grown to “admire.”

Both Hardemon and Dunn said they would support Malone.