Jones faced with challenges of being a tycoon

Ten-year-old sells self-penned book for charity

Ashley Montgomery | 10/24/2013, 9 a.m.
Growing up most children would settle for doing chores around the house in order to earn an allowance. However, by ...
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Growing up most children would settle for doing chores around the house in order to earn an allowance. However, by the time he was eight, Keith “Amari” Jones had found more creative ways to put dollars in his piggy bank. The young entrepreneur had written and had full creative control of his book, The Adventures of Cowboy Lucky: The Masked Stranger. And to expand his brand, Jones recently headlined his first storytelling event,

Reading Under the Stars/Pajama Night,” at Liberty City Elementary School.

“I was a little nervous about the event because it was my first time . . . I’m a bit shy,” Jones said.  

Lucky, a German Shepherd mix who is the inspiration behind the book, found Jones — not the other way around as one might imagine.

“One day, my dog Lucky showed up at our porch and he wouldn’t leave from under my window,” Jones said. “Then one day he didn’t show up but I saw him around the neighborhood. I called animal rescue and they said I had to make a decision: either keep him or let them take him away. I always wanted a dog so I kept him.”

With that decision weighing on his conscience, Jones gives a portion of the proceeds from his book to local animal rescue programs.

His mother, Renea “Rai Renea” Moss says she’s proud of her son.

“He has always saved his money and understood the value of a dollar,” she said. “When he was just fie, he lost his Nintendo 3D and I told him had to find a way to pay for half of the replacement cost. His solution was to sell lemonade at our church.”

Jones says he is looking forward to writing more books and adding money to his bank account. As a fifth grade student at Charles D. Wyche, Jr. Elementary, his principal [Dr. Barbara Johnson] has given her full support to his endeavors.

“We think it is an outstanding thing that he has done and the abilities he exhibits despite his youth,” Johnson said. “We have shared his achievements among our faculty and staff. But now I want him to become more vocal and share what he’s doing with his peers.

Jones is slated to release a new book in the series, The Night Before Dogmas, during the upcoming holidays. You can purchase the book online at barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com; or through his own website, cowboylucky.com.