Specialty license plates sold to fund mentoring programs

Miami Times staff report | 10/24/2013, 9 a.m.

Last Friday, Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida [BBBSAF] announced that Florida has approved a speciality BBBSAF license plate for sale. Having the plates go on sale is their fun and unique way of not only raising funds but creating state-wide awareness. Organized in 1995, BBBSAF is a non-profit statewide capacity-building that provides initiatives to sustain and advance the 13 Big Brothers Big Sisters member agencies.

However, there is a catch: 1,000 vouchers must be purchased on or before June 1, 2015 in order for production of plates to begin.

“It’s a state requirement [to pre-sell vouchers] in order to show them that there is an interest,” said Genna Lunsford, BBBSAF marketing and community specialist.

Vouchers of the new plates are available for purchase at local County tax collectors’ offices. Lunsford says that the organization is working closely with tax collectors’ offices, specifically in Martin County to make this process easier.

“We understand that a lot of the public finds it complicated to go into the office and get a voucher so we want to stress that you can order it on the phone or online,” Lunsford said.

Jody Clifford, CEO of BBBSAF  said he and his colleagues are excited to launch their specialty license plate program. He invites members of the community to take their support on the road and buy a plate to help generate much needed revenue to expand mentoring opportunities for children in Florida.

Making a difference in a child’s life is something on which Big Brothers Big Sisters prides themselves. Since their founding, more than 15,647 children have been served according to their website.

The cost of the voucher is $25 plus county registration service fees.