Exclusive report: six staple items compared

Ashley Montgomery | 10/31/2013, 9 a.m.
Many in the community are bracing themselves for the Nov. 1st Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] (formally known as the ...

The last of the four stores in terms of saving was the one most frequently visited by members of the Black community — Winn-Dixie.

“I trust Winn-Dixie the most because this is the store that I’ve grown up shopping in all my life with my grandmother and mom,” said Marilyn Drinks, a Miami-Dade county resident.

Although many in the community have a loyalty to them, our visit suggest that it’s not because they are least expensive. Their Nature’s Own 100% whole grain bread was 20 cents more [$3.49] than Presidente Supermarket’s. Their carton of a dozen large grade A eggs makes up for that margin however by having their own brand cast just $1.89. A gallon of Winn-Dixie brand milk was $4.29; a jar of Clear Value peanut butter costs $2.44; a block of Kraft mild cheddar cheese was priced at $6.93, that’s nearly $3 more than Presidente and Price Choice. Winn-Dixie 12 ounces of bacon costs $5.79 and Cheerios 18 ounce box was $4.99. This brings the total of all six staple items to $29.72.

Many are looking for answers as to how they are expected to survive given the pending cuts and while this may not be the answer to all of their questions it may give you a hint as to where to go when the cuts take effect.