The Miami Times political recommendations

10/31/2013, 9 a.m.

County Question:

Funding Modernization and Improvement of Jackson Health System through Issuance of General Obligation Bonds

Certainly $830M is a lot of money but that’s what would pay for the proposed list of line items that Jackson Health System says it needs to bring its facilities up-to-date, including the modernization of its emergency rooms, the


Tomas Regalado

expansion of its urgent care centers and the ability to be more competitive among other hospitals both locally and nationally. Being more competitive will be most important as more citizens begin to chose which insurance plan they will buy into under the new laws as directed by the Affordable Care Act. In addition, because Jackson is the only hospital in South Florida to serve as a safety net for those who are indigent, unemployed or underemployed, as well as the best place for trauma victims anywhere in Florida, we cannot afford to see its doors close. Besides the impact it would have on our economy, it would leave many in pending physical peril. Jackson’s officials have shown that they are better at handling their finances in recent years. Now, like other safety net hospitals in urban settings, including Atlanta’s Grady Memorial and Chicago’s Stroger Hospital, Miami must make sure it has a top-rated hospital available for all of its citizens.

We vote Yes.

City of Miami Mayor

We do not believe that, besides the incumbent, that the three challengers in this race have the ability to govern a City like Miami, given its magnitude, budget, political pitfalls and ethnic diversity. But we do not support Tomas P. Regalado simply because he has declared this to be his last term in office, as if to say “give him one more shot at it.” We support him because he brings a proven track record as well as being a fair, committed man who has shown that he has the best interests of our City at heart. We have not always agreed with Regalado nor his actions, but we have found him to at least be willing to consider other points of view.

We recommend Tomas R. Regalado.

City of Miami commissioner, District 5

The four candidates for District 5 each have their own enclave of supporters — some being family, others being longtime co-workers or church friends. Our decision for the best candidate must be made with a caveat — as the race heated up we saw some candidates employ tactics with which we were most uncomfortable. Sure, it may be good for headlines to attack one’s opponent in an open forum but we’d much rather hear why a candidate thinks they’re the


Rev. Richard Dunn, II

better choice — not why they perceive their opponent or opponents as the worse choice. Robert Malone, Jr. we feel would be a better candidate for school board member. We’d like to see him be mentored by a current Black school board member now so that we will maintain that seat in future years. Jacqui Colyer has shown she can raise money and is a very intelligent woman. However, we were not convinced that she has the muster needed to deal with the likes of City Hall. Finally, there is Keon Hardemon who continues to both astound and baffle us. Some of you may recall how he went on a rampage against Audrey Edmonson when the two appeared with Michael Putney during their race for county commissioner a year or two ago. He has had similar outbursts during a few debates and forums, primarily going after the front runner. We believe he has the makings of a fine politician — but we’re not sure if someone else is really pulling his strings. That leaves us with Rev. Richard Dunn, II. Dunn has just over a year in office and made some sound decisions but lately he has shown that he doesn’t always surround himself with the best team. Has he made mistakes in his past? Yes, as we all have. The question remains whether he can stand the heat, be true to an ethics that surpasses that of City Hall and can keep his promises. We believe he can.

We recommend Rev Richard Dunn, II.