Did two Norland teachers give examination answers?

Miami Times staff report | 9/5/2013, 9 a.m.

Hundreds of students at Miami Norland Senior High School may have received state industry certifications because they were allowed to cheat, says the Miami-Dade Office of the Inspector General. A report released last week indicates that the lead teacher of Norland’s Academy of Information Technology provided students with the questions and answers to Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver computer-program exams — and let them use study guides while taking tests in 2012.

The number of students to pass a computer certification program in Norland’s jumped from 12 to 452 students last year. One teacher at Norland allegedly heard rumors about a teacher who had provided the answers to the test. The allegations are under investigation by the Miami-Dade county inspector.

The accused teacher, who serves as the lead teacher and exam proctor, Emmanuel Fleurantin, says the allegations are not true.

“All I did was proctor,” he said. “The kids came in, we prepared them very hard. They were ready so when they came, they took the test and they passed it.”

Fleurantin and another teacher, Brenda Muchnick, have both been accused.

According to the report, the whistle-blowing teacher who then worked at Norland, Willie Gant, discovered the so-called “cheat sheets” with highlighted answers in the classroom where the exam was taken.

Fleurantin doesn't deny the existence of the cheat sheet, but said he didn't put them in the classroom. He added that while he knows he could lose his job, he wants his voice to be heard.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools released the following statement: “The administration's position has always been a zero-tolerance policy for not adhering to a high standard of integrity and has recommended termination in circumstances like this. Integrity has been an important guiding principle for this administration and will guide the process until its resolution.

While the District investigates the inspector general's report, neither of the accused teachers has been terminated. In the meantime, neither teacher has not been terminated.