Pastor of New Born and President of PULSE

Rev. Pacley: “My aim is to lead sinners to Christ by the word and deeds”

Gigi Tinsley | 9/12/2013, 11:16 a.m.

In 1988, James Pacley preached his initial sermon on his way to becoming the pastor of a congregation. And “in 1996, the second Sunday in August more than 125 members were in attendance to start the New Born Faith Deliverance Missionary Baptist Church, Pacley said. “Since 2003, our services have been held at 4816 NW 22nd Ave. We have approximately 100 names on the roll but the attendance fluctuates between 35 and 75 each Sunday,” Pacley added.

Pacley is a soft-spoken, easy-going man with a warm smile that tends to light up his entire face, particularly when the conversation leans towards his ministry and the members he has ministered to over the years. He told this writer about the circumstances surrounding the meeting of one of his long-time members Sis. Marie Tate.

“I went to the hospital to pray for and give communion to another member the late Sis. Mable Hall. Sis. Tate was sharing the hospital room with her. I asked Sis. Tate if she would allow me to pray for her, too. She willingly accepted the offer,” Pacley said. “The very next week she was attending service at our church. She joined and the rest is as they say, history.”

Elder Archie Whitehead said, “I look up to my pastor and I like the way he carries himself in and outside of the church. I knew him before the Lord changed his life and have witnessed the new man on a regular basis.”

Pacley has been a member of PULSE [People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality] for more than 20 years and currently serves as its president. “If more people treated each other as they should, maybe there would not be a need for PULSE, but because that isn’t the case, we are still needed to encourage people and in many instances force the issue to get people to do what is right towards those who are without proper representation,” Pacley stated.

The Executive Director of PULSE, Nathaniel Wilcox said, “Pastor Pacley is a man who is concerned about the community, the people and the plight of the Black community. He works diligently to bring about positive solutions to problems and situations that plague the Black and other communities.”

Pacley has been married to his “beautiful and lovely” wife, Gloria, for 32 years and between the two, they have six adult children, grands, and great-grandchildren.

Gloria says, “I am married to a wonderful, gentle, man of God and he totally loves and cares about my well-being as I do him.