Annual Dual Day theme is paradigm for devoted pastor

"We’ve come this far by faith together"

Gigi Tinsley | 9/19/2013, 9 a.m.
Seventeen years and three days ago, [Sept. 15, 1996], Rev. Harold Marsh was installed pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church ...
Sis. Doreatha and Pastor Harold Marsh.

Seventeen years and three days ago, [Sept. 15, 1996], Rev. Harold Marsh was installed pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church at 2601 N.W. 65th St. In 2001 he left Fellowship Baptist and founded the New Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church [NCTMBC]. Initially, the services were held on 54th St. between 15th and 16th avenues. The next eight years, the church held their services in the Urban League Fellowship complex at 8400 N.W. 25th Ave. On August 4th the building at 1305 NW 54th St. became the new church home for NCTMBC.

On Sept. 8th, the church celebrated their Annual Dual Day [the women are in charge of the morning service and the men the afternoon service]. At this event, as is the norm, most group and individual duties are assumed by invited guests from other churches throughout the county.

The ‘Call to Worship’ was done by Sis. Angela Hill from New 79th Street Word Church; song service was by the melodious, spirit-lifting, Southern Echoes; welcome by Miss Keyanna Middleton and the ushers were from Antioch of Brownsville. The Altar Call was done by this writer and the scripture was read by First lady Arpie Alexander from Soul Saving M.B. Church.

The well-prepared and dynamic speaker, Evangelist Alberta Cummings from Christian Fellowship M.B. Church delivered the informative, divinely-inspired, sermon that “encouraged” and led an entire family to join the membership at NCTMBC. Rev. Joan Sanon, the assistant pastor, served as mistress of ceremony, Bro Henry Greene and Sis. Belvine Robinson were the hospitable host and hostess. The offering was collected by Minister Loriann Lewis from Raina L. Kemp Ministries and Sis Carolyn Fulger from Little Rock Primitive Baptist Church. Day Spring Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Michael Roan was in-charge of the afternoon service.

The Minister of Music and recording artist Virginia Bostic, coordinator; Sisters Betty Hall, co-coordinator, Shewanna Hall and Brenda Williams, secretaries were the committee members responsible for the program.

As Marsh sat back and enjoyed the beautiful service, his wife, Sis. Marsh was busy ensuring that everyone was comfortable and everything was in its proper place as any great and concerned usher, as she is would.

According to Trustee and Usher Shirley White, ”Pastor Marsh is a very humble and people-loving man of God. He regularly visits the hospitals and nursing homes praying and consoling our members as well as those who don’t belong to our church. I have been under his ministry for more than 16 years and he shows his love for the Lord, by caring about and for people.”  

Minister Bostic, who has been with Marsh since his ordination, echoed the sentiments of Trustee White and added, “Our theme is ‘Men and Women together have come this far by faith.’

It is a paradigm for Marsh. He has total faith and belief in the word of God. I am proud to be under the leadership of such a great man of God. He shows his love for God by the way he treats people.”