Chatter That Matters: September 18, 2013

Dr. Richard Strachan | 9/19/2013, 9 a.m.

Ms. Dorothy “Dottie” Johnson, chairman, and Dr. Enid C. Pinckney, president, invited Cumnmings-Grayson & Co. P.A. to the end-of-year audit report of the Historic Hampton House Community Trust, Inc. before board members, trustees, and volunteers. Additionally, Dennis Fruitt, director for advancement, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens did a presentation entitled


Dr. Richard Strachan

“Tighten Up Your Board for Success”in order to help the board identity, cultivate and recruit a diverse group of current and emerging leaders. His presentation included: goal, accounting and marketing strategies, social media and public relations expertise, development of resources and funding sources.Following the presentation, members took a break and then returned for a discussion on the current financial status Hampton House. Attending the meeting were Isabelie Rosete, Juanita Johnson, Dr. Larry Capp, Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, Asael Marrero, Marcia Party.

The King of Clubs of Greater Miami began its seventy-fifth year, last week, meeting at the home of Marge and James Fayson. Minister Harvey Lockhart blessed their home and memorialized former members Clinton Brown, Hosea Butler, Walter Oden, Fletcher Paschal, Jr., James Randolph, Sr. Bennie Reaves, Dr. Jack Tuckfield, and Dr. Carl Yeager.

The agenda included introduction of prospective members Franklin Clark, William Clarke, III, Anthony Simons, Dr. Walter T. Richardson, Dr. Willie J. Wright, and John Williams. They were introduced by Dr. Astrid Mack, president emeritus, Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, Nelson Jenkins, Patrick Range, James Maull, Rod Butler and Richard J. Strachan.