Mayweather— a lot better

The Sports Brothers | 9/19/2013, 9 a.m.
Okay Floyd Mayweather, I am finally convinced. For a long time I looked at the flamboyant fighter as a loud ...

Okay Floyd Mayweather, I am finally convinced. For a long time I looked at the flamboyant fighter as a loud mouth boxer who is pretty good in his own right. Even better than pretty good, I considered Mayweather among the best fighters of this era but was hesitant to even mention him among the all time greats. This past weekend my opinion was changed, by none other than Floyd Mayweather. Canelo Alvarez, his latest opponent in this supposed mega fight, turned out to be just another tomato can in a long list of them that Floyd has fought. The difference is this guy was undefeated, this guy was 13 years younger, this guy had punching power and 30 knockouts on his resume. Against Floyd Mayweather it did not matter. Mayweather turned one of the richest fights ever into just another $41.5 million payday Saturday night, dominating Alvarez from the opening bell and winning a majority decision in a masterful performance that left no doubt who the best fighter of his era is. No doubt whatsoever. Floyd, fighting off his shortest layoff in years, was still sharp, dominant and sometimes brutal in embarrassing an unbeaten fighter who was bigger and was supposed to punch harder. He set the tone early and it became painfully evident for Alvarez that Floyd was not your average 36-year-old fighter. It was as impressive a performance as we have ever witnessed from Mayweather, he was superb, masterful. Many prognosticators including myself gave Floyd grief for not fighting Manny Pacquiao. My humble apologies to Floyd who may well be the greatest defensive fighter this sport has ever seen. He is clearly so much better than the 45 men he has faced in his career that he simply makes them look that bad. To his credit it is all he has been trying to tell us his entire career. He deserves to be mentioned among the best ever; he has proven himself. Floyd Mayweather even at this advanced age is still faster, more efficient and head, shoulders and feet above every other fighter in the game right now. So move over Sugar Rays Leonard and Robinson, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Graziano and all of those great names in that exclusive club. Add one more name, his name is Floyd Mayweather.

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