Chatter That Matters: September 25, 2013

9/26/2013, 9 a.m.
Last week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the newly-elected president and former Judge Shirlyon McWhorter met at the Omega Activity Center ...

Last week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the newly-elected president and former Judge Shirlyon McWhorter met at the Omega Activity Center with Bethune-Cookman-University Alumni to formulate operation plans for the Alumni Association of B-CU and the tailgate party. Since it was her initial meeting, she began by introducing her officers for 2013: Jose Perez, vice president; Sara Allen, recording secretary; Elsie Stewart, corresponding secretary; Annette Williams, treasurer; Nancy Benyard, financial secretary; Carol Weatherington, business manager; and Charlie Davis, chaplain. She then gave each officer an amusing token, such as a

Dr. Richard Strachan

Dr. Richard Strachan

fly swatter, back scratcher, a fountain pen and writing pads. Davis conducted the swearing-in of each officer.

McWhorter was well organized as she outlined duties for Saturday’s tailgate party, which was to be housed in five tents. Her skills as a former judge really paid off. Her next report dealt with the number of buses going to Tallahassee for the first game against FSU. Audley Coakley then led the group in singing the alma mater. Their voices filled the room with dignity, pride and fellowship.

Saturday night was hosted by Dr. Larry Handfield at his home where he served Dr. Edison Jackson, president of B-CU, and his lovely wife and encouraged them to enjoy the festivities. A catered meal included: conch fritters, fish, shrimp, green beans, candied yams, lemon, vanilla and chocolate cakes.

The band provided calypso music on the outside and DVD sounds were played inside. Some of the guests included: Summer Hutcherson, Maryln Moss, John and Annette Williams, Bill Clarke III, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson, Dr. Cynthia Clarke and Raymond Carswell.

The fans gave the band a standing ovation after witnessing moves never seen at a football game. Some of those alumni were Fr. Nelson Pinder, Oral Allen, Matt J. Walters, Riley Davis, twins Jazmin, Tamra And Malou, Dr. Curtis L. Proctor, Ms. Johnson, Stefania Willis, Dr. Robert Williams, Janis H. Powell and family, and T. Eileen and Gregory Robinson, and Tia Major; the Clarkes and Williams, Samuel Rodgers and Brenda Hawkes.

Amidst all of the fun, frolicking, and feasting with the alumni, the death of Erik L. Moorman circled the community. His death was keenly felt by his family: Erik, Sr., father; Demetria, mother; and brothers Sheldrik, Aisha, Angel Rolle and Erin. Erik began his education in the Dade County School System, graduating from Miami Springs and was a junior at FIU majoring in Communication and Drama. He was on his way to be a movie star when his life was cut short on Thursday, September 5th. When his friends were asked to stand, 300-strong stood up.