National Family Day celebration continues

Gang Alternative, Inc. shows boys and girls another way

Miami Times staff report | 9/26/2013, 9 a.m.

Gang Alternative, Inc.’s CEO Michael Nozile reports that this is the fifth year that Gang Alternatives, Inc. has celebrated National Family Day. Nozile states, “having dinner together, helping your children with their homework or attending their after school activities, have a lasting effect on your kids. Each of these moments offers an opportunity to connect, share and really listen to what’s on their minds.”

On Sept. 25-27, Gang Alternative, Inc. and the Urban Partnership Drug Free Community Coalition will continue celebrating National Family Day at Community Christian Church. They’ll be joined by other local churches in the Miami-Dade County area with one collective goal: to remind families that they have the power to help keep kids substance free. Research shows that children with hands-on parents are far less likely to smoke, drink or use other drugs.

As the planners state: “Remember, parental engagement matters.”

Gang Alternative, Inc., offers programs that promote deterrent to youth violence; promotion of family values and positive family dynamics; guest speakers; community participation/events; field trips; monitoring of school progress with the goals to promote a healthier lifestyle for our children and families that we serve in targeted communities, schools and zip codes.

This program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage children and adolescent boys and girls in the Greater Miami areas [Little Haiti, North Miami and Greater Liberty City communities] providing alternatives to youth violence and delinquency. Gang Alternative, Inc. was awarded a SAMHSA grant October 2011 as the fiscal agency for the Urban Partnership Drug Free Community Coalition.

To learn more about Family Day and how you can participate, call 305-218-0783.