Top Stories This Week

Chloe Herring | 4/2/2014, 2 p.m.

1. President Obama's Affordable Health Care Plan Tops 7 million goal

This week marked the final stretch for enrollment in President Obama's Affordable Care Act. During the month of March we reported on organizations working diligently all over the city to get Miami residents enrolled for healthcare before the March 31 deadline approached. After heavy criticism and technical setbacks, White House officials announced a major milestone for the health care law. Find out in this week's paper how Miami played a critical role in the success of Obamacare. Click here.

2. Historic Georgette's Tea House in Brownsville deteriorating from time, neglect


Georgette’s Tea House, 2540 NW 51 Street

A 66-year-old historic building, Georgette's Tea House, was once the scene of grandeur where owner Georgette Scott Cambell entertained the likes of Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday. That was nearly 50 years ago, though, and now Georgette's Tea House is an eyesore to the residents of Brownsville. Will the landmark continue to deteriorate or can it somehow be restored back to life? Click here.

3. Boos at Lyric Live talent competition builds on success of Harlem's Amateur Night

It’s Friday night in Overtown and everyone is eagerly awaiting the next act in the hallowed halls of historic Lyric Theatre. Enter Corenzo Matthews on the stage. So far, his good looks have earned points with the ladies in the crowd. But then he starts to sing “All of Me” from R&B singer John Legend. It did not go well. Click here.

4. Author behind ABC hit drama Scandal visits Miami to dish the dirt on life, careers

Co-executive producer for the hit television series "Scandal" visited Miami for a luncheon. Turns out that Judy Smith is both an author and crisis management expert and spoke with attendees about dealing with personal scandal. Click here.