Dr. John Nelson: The meaning of young, successful 

Local Black dentist opens Midtown Dental in Miami

Ashley Montgomery | 4/3/2014, 9 a.m.
At just 32 years old, Dr. John A. Nelson opened his own dental practice, Midtown Dental. Located in one of ...
"Since I was basically 10 years old I’ve had this dream," said Dr. John Nelson.

And Howard has been slammed with a downgrade of its credit rating by Moody’s Investors Service that makes fund-raising even more difficult. Recently, the university announced that they would be cutting about 200 staff positions. 

Despite what they may be financially faced Nelson says Howard was a terrific experience that taught him a plethora of things. 

“Of all the dental schools that are out there, because of what we were exposed to (hands-on with real world patients that weren’t exactly the cookie-cutter cases) it expanded the ranges of what we can do,” Nelson said.  

Nelson believes that in order for Howard to get back on its own two feet, more graduates, including himself have to be able to give back. 

“We have to help and reach back and motivate the next generations,” Nelson said. “Not even just financially, educationally we have to give back.” 

With the university's recent cuts, Nelson says that having a part-time dentist to come back is very valuable. . . because [Howard] may not be able to afford another professor. 

“This is something that we all need to take the time out to do — including myself,” Nelson said. “I know Howard has it’s own struggles but we can’t turn our backs on our own.” 

Nelson is currently the President of the Miami-Dade County Dental Society, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and a Ronald E. McNair Scholar.

Thoughts on


Many have been questioning and many have been relieved of the recent Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare).  

Obamacare will impact all health practitioners, including dentists. Nelson doesn’t see it as a negative effect though. 

“I really don’t mind,” Nelson said. “Just in terms of the increase in taxes on equipment purchases and medical equipment.” 

Nelson said that the price he and his colleagues have to pay now is more than what pervious owners may have faced. 

Also, families who weren’t able to afford dental insurance before — with the installation of Obamacare will now be able to add dental insurance. 

“More people are coming in,” Nelson said. “It increases access to care.”