Street Talk

Ashley Montgomery | 4/3/2014, 9 a.m.

Dwight Jackson, Sr., 54

Owner of Richardson Mortuary, Miami

“Yeah, my son calls home every week for assistance. It’s more pressure on them to have to work. Education is first. It’s a plus and a minus. A lot of those kids don’t have support. So yes, they should get paid.”

Marcus Thompson, 27

Student, Miami

“No, it would deter them from putting there hard work towards academics. Hard work and effort would only be made outside the classroom.”

Nekole Robinson, 38

Homemaker, Miami

“No, I don’t think it’s going to inspire them to get to the next level. They won’t work nearly as hard. They would only work to get by.”

Randell Robinson, 40

Longshoreman, Miami

“No, because football players do not work as hard as professionals. . . especially players in the playoffs and the finals.”

Gina Ferguson, 45

Office Manager, Miami

“Yes, they should because they make a lot of money for the universities. They deserve to get paid for that.”

Walter Ferguson, 54

Property Maintenance, Miami

“Yeah, because they make so much money for the schools that if they get paid it would take a lot of pressure of off them to get money other ways.”