Bon Appetit!

Black celebrity chef offers tastes from the lives of the rich and famous

Erick Johnson | 4/10/2014, 9 a.m.
So this is how the other half eats. In an elegant dining room, a four-course dinner was about to be ...
Black Celebrity Chef Richard Ingraham gives a taste of the lives of the rich of famous.

In addition to being delicious, Ingraham's dishes are simple, elegant, healthy meals that include various seafoods paired with natural fruit-based sauces and vegetables.

It's Ingraham's job to provide his clients with the best, but that doesn't mean they always have it their way.

"Dwyane (Wade) loves his steak with roasted mashed potatoes after the game," Ingraham said. "But I don't always give him what he wants. Our job is to educate the consumer with exciting new ways and presentations."

A Miami native, Ingraham became interested in a culinary career at an early age. After training at the Art Institute of Atlanta, he worked in several restaurants before landing Wade as client through a connection from a friend. Since landing the position with the superstar, Ingraham has amassed a stellar roster of clients that includes the French luxury champagne maker Moet & Hennessy, Disney on Ice, and a host of professional athletes that includes Antrel Rolle, safety for the New York Giants; Demarcus Van-Dyke, a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jemile Weeks of the Baltimore Orioles.

Ingraham doesn't take his success in the kitchen's of the rich and famous lightly.

"I'm so blessed to get up in the morning, go to work and do what I love doing," he said.