Dr. L.G. Anderson’s aim is to serve God

Gigi Tinsley | 4/10/2014, 9 a.m.
Larry Gene Anderson was born on April 7, 1951 in Ocilla, Ga. to the parentage of Lessie Mae Glasper and ...
Pastor of the Week, Dr. L.G. Anderson

Larry Gene Anderson was born on April 7, 1951 in Ocilla, Ga. to the parentage of Lessie Mae Glasper and Damon Davies. In 1954, his mother married James Anderson, a classmate. There was a real love connection between Anderson and Larry that resulted in Anderson adopting the 3-year-old as his own.

After coming to Florida after their marriage and making Coconut Grove home, the Andersons sent for Larry, his brother, Jerry, and their grandmother to come live with them. They became members of Sweetfield Missionary Baptist Church and it is there they were “taught the fundamentals of Christianity.”

During Larry’s latter teens and early adult life, he decided to experiment in drugs and became an addict. But due to his early teachings in Christianity and the “call that was placed in my heart,” Anderson said, he was “able to become an ex-addict and get back into the narrow pathway of righteousness.”

“If it had not been for the teaching I received as a child,” Anderson said, “I would probably be just as lost as so many others are. But because my parents made sure that I got the foundation I received. 'Train up a child while he is young and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’-I was able to reflect, as did the ‘prodigal son’ and go back to what I had been taught. I thank God for that.”

In 1980, Anderson was ordained a Minister of the Gospel at Crusade for Christ Temple. According to his parishioners, “When he speaks God’s words, the passion and fire in his voice fills our hearts with the anointing from on high. We praise God for him.”

Sister Beverly Cunningham, the church’s secretary and first cousin to Anderson said, “Dr. Anderson is a Godly man, father, grandfather and a great-grandfather that uses wisdom and is very much loved by all the members and our family members.”

Anderson became a member of Wells Temple Church of God In Christ in April 1995 under the leadership of Elder David Hardy and “served faithfully within the church and in outreach ministries.”

He earned four degrees from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary and Revelation Message Bible College: Associate of Religious Art in Biblical Studies, May 13, 2004; Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Education, May 29, 2005; Master of Ministry in Christian Counseling, May 28, 2006; and Doctor of Ministry, May 27, 2007.

“The degrees are earned to assist in the assurance that I will forever rightly, disburse God’s word to his people and not to just hang on the walls,” Anderson said.

In April 2005, Anderson left Wells Temple COGIC and founded Divine Grace & Mercy International Ministry, 3257 NW 7th Ave., under the auspices of the Church of God In Christ.

When asked his vision for the church, Anderson said: “I want the church to grow to the next level-Outreach. We are going to build a pantry (we have a large enough area to do this) and hopefully, get the funds to purchase the needed equipment to store vegetables and meats, to ensure that those who are in need (we have a diverse group: Black, Haitian and Hispanic Americans) receive the nourishing foods they need.”