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Beacon College Prep enrolling students for next school year

Ashley Montgomery | 4/10/2014, 9 a.m.

“Our mission is three-pronged, our approach to what it takes to close the achievement gap or to prepare students for college is that it takes academic preparation; an intentional cultivation of our students' talents and interests; and also an intentional development of character traits that are going to help them persevere through challenges later in life,” Evans said.

In order to prepare students for later success, Evans plans to adopt national standards for his curriculum through Common Core.

“It’s important that we look at college preparation now and nipping it in the bud, the common core fits into that,” Evans said. “Because our kids will be competing with kids not just in Florida, not just Miami but with students from different states across the country that are more prepared,” Evans said.

In regards to the academic side of things, BCP plans to recruit the best teachers that they possibly can and also support students with more than one teacher in the classrooms.

“We are planning to extend the school day to provide more time in literacy and mathematics,” Evans said. “College degrees are now becoming synonymous with a high school diploma.”


Life in Miami-Dade County can be difficult. But Evans and his team are prepared to persevere to achieve the school’s goals.

Evans said boosting enrollment is the currently his top priority. The group is dedicated to creating a unique, positive learning environment for parental involvement. For more information on enrollment visit, beaconpride.com.