Wheel of Misfortune: College student's game show debut goes terribly wrong

Chloe Herring | 4/12/2014, 4:11 a.m.
When Indiana University sent student Julian Batts off to Wheel of Fortune with well wishes, this was probably not what ...

It's only right that a university be fully supportive of its students, especially if one of those students happens to represent the school on national television, right?

Well, when Indiana University sent student Julian Batts off to Wheel of Fortune with well wishes, this was probably not what they expected to happen.



Indiana University student Julian Batts just can't get it right.

Batts pulled together a small victory, guessing the "Before & After" puzzle with the correct answer "Science Project Runway." That win was enough to get him to the final round...

But before that, Batts was completely lambasted by fellow contestant Shelby, who correctly read the puzzle Batts had already solved. Unfortunately, Batts, dawned in an Indiana University sweater, was unable to win that round because apparently pronunciation counts. The round would have fruitfully awarded him with $1 million.

The humiliation didn't end there, though. Batts' attempt at solving a puzzle themed "Person" ended with Shelby taking the win again and robbing her opponent of a new car after Batts incorrectly guessed "The World's Fastest Car."

And to top the cake, Batts lost out once more in the Final Spin round when he guessed "On-the-spot Dicespin."


We aren't sure what an on-the-spot dicepin is, but according to an Indiana University press release the episode was taped in February and aired this week as part of Wheel of Fortune's annual "College Week."

Batts said he's been a long-time fan of the show and told Indiana University's media department he always had a "desire to be on the show and solve puzzles in front of a live audience."

Batts is a freshman honor student with multiple prestigious scholarships from the university. A scholarship organization tweeted Batts "good luck" before he made his game show debut.

If the episode really was taped all the way back in February, we just don't understand how he was able to take the suspense.

And how was he able to sit through an entire watch party? The university hosted a viewing of Batts' episode on campus. We're really curious to know how this watch party went.

Perhaps in a subtle attempt at damage control, he told Indiana University media relations: "Regardless of whatever is aired on TV, I am glad I did it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was an experience I will never forget."

Don't worry Julian, we won't forget either.