Top Stories This Week

Chloe Herring | 4/16/2014, 3:06 p.m.
The Miami Times brings you the stories creating the most buzz in South Florida's Black communities.

1) Highway construction forces last man standing out of his Overtown home


Brown’s family home of nearly 100 years.

History seems to have repeated itself as the state relentlessly forces the last of about 15 residents out of his Overtown home. Benjamin Brown, 80, has lived in his home on NW 14th Terrace since 1917 - well before construction for I-395 began. Back in the 1950s, Brown witnessed the mutilation of a once-thriving Overtown and the displacement of thousands of neighbors to I-95. But expansion of this other highway is the reason Brown's family home will be demolished to ruins.

2) Artist's exhibit 'Fantastic Journey' makes its way to South Florida

Kenya native Wangechi Mutu's exhibit opens Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Mutu moved to New York in 1992 and says part of her journey was rediscovering her own identity. Her work, which includes collages, drawings, sculptures and video presentations, seeks to challenge media images of Black women.

3) Historic West Grove experiencing construction boom with $15M residential tower

Developers look to break ground in Miami's oldest Black community, the historic West Grove, with a new $15 million residential tower. The neighborhood was founded by Bahamian settlers before the city of Miami was incorporated, but today suffers from its share of struggling businesses and urban blight.

4) College Bound: Miami's high school seniors prepare for future endeavors

Cheers to the many cycles of low educational attainment that will be broken in our inner-city communities, as many Miami-Dade County students prepare to enter the next phase of their lives. Several high school seniors spoke with The Miami Times to tell us their plans, concerns, experiences and words of wisdom. One pressing thought on all their minds: college.