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Dr. Richard Strachan | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
The Sigma Alpha Chapter’s Anniversary Journal demonstrates the most comprehensive, historical and retentive eras of snapshots of the community recorded. ...

The Sigma Alpha Chapter’s Anniversary Journal demonstrates the most comprehensive, historical and retentive eras of snapshots of the community recorded. The men responsible for such an endeavor are: Bro. Anthony E. Simons III, Chairman, Bro Astrid Mack, Co-Chairman, Aldin L. Everette, Michael McCloud, Gerald Jones, Brandon Roundtree, Nate Jones, Khallid MahMood, James Anderson II, Keith Blair, Yves Nasir, Chad A. Norton, Herman Dorsett II, Anthony Britt, Kelvin Hudson, Franklin Adderly,


Dr. Richard Strachan

Melvin Roane and Anthony B. Britt

History is replete with the chapter hosting seventh district meeting and Grand Conclave. 1961-70. Chapter represented at historic golden anniversary and district meeting. 1971-1980. Bro. Ed Braynon, Jr. elected 29th Grand Basileus; Ulysses Horne 7th District Rep: and Astrid Mack became district records and seal. The Chapter hosted its 2nd Grand Conclave with Braynon as composer of Omega Psi Phi History and Mack elected to 7th dr. 1991-90.

Retired brothers organized to assist with construction of Omega Activity Center with a picture of a sign showing their positive action 2001-10. More than 150 brothers joined the chapter and Peter Harden describes this decade as “the Reorganizational Years.” Some glimmer was lost due to deceased Brothers. More than 75 brothers celebrated Omega’s Centennial re: Life and Legacy of Dr. Ed. Braynon.

Each participant was served a choice of one of three while being helped from a sequin strip of art. Furthermore, pictures of chartered members were shown of 1939 (faded but nice). A young picture was printed of Grand Basileus with the wives and sweethearts of Sigma Alpha Chapter. They represented beauty in South Florida then and now.

Eight Chapter Members attended the 1971 7th SDM when Grand Basileus Braynon was elected several time, Herbert Day, CB, J.A.C. Arenas District Marshal. And Mack and Ulysses G. Horne enjoyed being a district officer. Even, The Hampton House was mentioned as a site took care of everyone swimming, dancing, and dining. Some of the visitors were: Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Sammie Davis, Jr. and Althea Gibson.

Omega Psi Phi will continue to grow because of the youth that joined to do something. Hats are off to Persevering 13: James Rowan, Jai Ingraham, Terrance Jett . Alexander Cox, Fred Killings, Brian Williams, Herbert Rhodes, Torian Cox, Cornelius Handfield, James Pong, Hank Hankerson, Anthony Simons, and Ranson Carter. Also, Spring Line New Testament: Danny Feltoin, Darren Bryant, Derrick Love, Clinton Bryant, Richard Williams, Jay Kelly, and Rhaudal Cooper. Also, Cal Brady Wright, Reginald Jordan, Darykl Branton, Keith Blair, Kevin Roundtree, Dwight Gray, and Gibson Aristide.

Iota Phi Lambda President Novella “Nikki” Young has concluded plans to recognize outstanding citizen in Dade County, Sunday, April 27, at Covington Presbyterian Church, 4300 NW 12th Ave, and beginning at 4 p.m. Some of the people are J.D. Patterson, former Chief of Police, Dr. Ricky Holton, 5000 Role Models of Excellence, Lillie Nas, and Dr. Richard J. Strachan.

An excellent program is being planned to include letting the audience know their accomplishments as well as their legacy. Refreshments will conclude the afternoon. On May 31, the HHHT and Dr. Enid C. Pinkney will provide the community with a fund raising program at Church of the Open Door, beginning at high noon. Furthermore, entertainment will be provided from the Hampton House Band and Patricia Bryant, flutes.

Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, Founder, Dorothy Johnson, Chairman, Dr. Richard J. Strachan, Auditing, Nykea Cohen, esq., Ruby Rayford, and Charlayne W. Thompkins, Fiona Purkiss, auditor to the position.