College Bound: Miami's high school seniors prepare for future endeavors

High school seniors prepare for their future endeavors

Ashley Montgomery | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
With the end of the school year fast approaching, many high school seniors around Miami-Dade County are preparing to enter ...


The Miami Times sat with high school seniors from around the county that are all looking to start college in the fall. The students spoke about school pressures, good and tough times they’ve experienced while preparing and applying to college.

Mylika Anthony, 18, SGA President at Miami Northwestern, wants to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Anthony says she plans to expand her options and take advantage of opportunities at college. She wants to double major at Howard University and participate in greek life.

“For me to be going away, it’s a big step for my mother and me,” Anthony said. “I can’t be a baby forever, and I’m a woman so that’s why I want to double major to show these dudes what I got.”

Juleisa Russell, 18, is planning to attend Florida International University in the fall, but she is nervous.

“I’m afraid of not finding out what I really want to do in life, because I’m still undecided about my major,” Russell said.

Many students view college as a home away from home. On average, a child will spend at least eight hours at their school per day. For that reason, students choose their college more carefully.

Athalie Parrott, 17, chose Alabama A&M University because she wants to express her independence and looks forward to enjoying her college life at the historically Black school.

“My mom and I are inseparable, but she is pushing me to go away because she wants me to get the best experience that I can,” Parrott said.

When asked about what advice that they would give current 11th graders The Miami Times received a number of colorful responses from the seniors.

Taylor Jones, 17, is still deciding on three historically Black schools, including Howard, Hampton University and FAMU. Jones advises students to be wise about spending their time in high school.

“I would personally say to the juniors to enjoy it while you’re here and not to waste any time,” Jones said. “Make every bit of your time useful because this is the time to step out of being a senior and prepare for college.”

Tynesha Roberts, 19, a senior at Miami Central and the school’s College Summit Student Representative said “do what makes you happy.”

“When you do something you don’t want to do, you end up not following through on it, so if college is not your choice it's okay to prepare for other routes,” Roberts said. “It’s a lot of pressure to go to college.”

Rose said her biggest advice is to stay organized.

“Even if it’s a little notebook, it’s important to write things down to help you stay focused,” Rose said.

She concluded with “live your life for you, you’re going to hear a lot of outside influences, but you have to make choices for you; you must do your research and chose the school that offers you the most.”