Stylish new senior facility with pool opening at Arcola Lakes Park

Carla St.Louis | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
A swank, new recreation facility in the West Little River neighborhood is turning heads among senior residents as park officials ...
Members are greeted with palm trees and amber tones at the facility's front entrance.

“I'm looking forward to the senior programs,” Brown said. “I'm waiting to see our tax dollars spent efficiently.”

A member of Glory Temple Senior Citizen Group for 10 years, Brown is also awaiting the jobs that the senior center will bring to Arcola Lakes.

“I am also looking forward to them hiring people from our community,” said Brown. “I want a place where we spend all of our dollars in our own community.”

Brown’s son, Charles Emerson, 41, also has high hopes for Arcola Lakes Senior Center.

“A place like this will bring the community together,” he said. “It’s a place where senior citizens can trade stories about this neighborhood’s history, what’s affecting us and where it should go. It’s their right."


The funding for Arcola Lakes Senior Center was through a $6 million general obligation bond in 2004 that voters approved through the Better Building Communities General Obligation Bond Program.

The center also received funding from the Trust for Public Lands and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Program.

The rising cost of construction over the years soon left a $300,000 shortfall that halted building it.

Then Commissioner Rolle, a staunch supporter of the project, received approval to use $300,000 of available funds to make up the deficit. Those funds came from a $2.4 million surplus in bond revenues.

For more information about programs and activities offered at Arcola Lakes Park call 305-836-5095.