Overtown Plaza: Groundbreaking celebration

Comm. Hardemon and SEOPW CRA aligning dreams with reality

Carla St.Louis | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
Community and city leaders were on hand Friday for a groundbreaking ceremony to usher in a new era for the ...
Construction workers Charles Conley (left) and Frantz Fritz (second to right) pose with City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon, City of Miami Commissioner Frank Carollo and Nathaniel Joseph, business development and job coordinator for Southeast Overtown / Park West Community Redevelopment Agency at the redevelopment site for the Overtown Plaza.

In addition to Top Value, the plaza will have two other new tenants, including Two Guys Restaurant, Inc. and Nancy Beauty Supply, Inc. The CRA plans to lease four additional spaces to new tenants said Jonelle Adderley, the CRA's marketing director.

Currently, the Overtown Plaza houses Regions Bank, the City of Miami’s Overtown Neighborhood Enhancement Team Center and the temporary offices of SEOPW CRA and Overtown Business Resource Center. They will remain open during construction.

The renovations are all part of sweeping redevelopments that are occurring in Overtown and approved by Commissioner Keon Hardemon. This renovation aligns with the CRA's goals and mission to preserve and renovate buildings for adaptive reuse in the redevelopment area said Adderley. The redevelopment area refers to portions of Overtown and Park West.

Woods said the overhaul will help bring more jobs to the community.

"This is what this ribbon-cutting ceremony is really about: employment," said Woods during a brief speech at the lectern. "I encourage everyone to continue monitoring the progress of this development. Be a part of this as this is a part of our community."

The CRA is anticipating the completed project to bring about 30 to 50 long term jobs to Overtown and 20 to 30 construction jobs during the renovation process said Adderley.

Unemployed residents o f Overtown who have experience in construction, carpentry and labor can register for the Community Workforce Training Program at the Overtown Business Resource Center said Adderley.

The program gives job seekers the edge in finding jobs from development projects in Overtown.