Pastor of the week: Barbara Boyce hopes “To change lives for the better”

Gigi Tinsley | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
Barbara J. Boyce, a Miami native, was born and raised in a “God-fearing” home with both parents, Ada Brooks-Powell and ...
Barbara J. Boyce

Barbara J. Boyce, a Miami native, was born and raised in a “God-fearing” home with both parents, Ada Brooks-Powell and Deacon Willie Powell. Her parents were already diligent servants in the gospel ministry.

In August 2000, Boyce was installed by Bishop Dr. Kease of North Carolina as pastor of New Life Family Worship Center, at 1195 NW 119 St. She has been pastoring for more than 14 years.

Boyce received her Pastoral Credentials, with honors, from Grace Bible College. She also attended and graduated among the top 10 in the School of Prophecy and was nominated among Black Spiritual Leaders in the “Who Is Who” publication. She has received several honorary awards.

Boyce was employed in the Office of Administration for the United States Postal Services (USPS) for 22 years. Following her retirement from USPS, she worked seven years as a Reservation Specialist for Enterprise Rental Car. She says she allowed the Lord to order her footsteps while still working. Boyce started a Teaching Ministry where she “taught, nurtured, and continued the plans the Lord gave me so that his name might be glorified.”

“Fearless for Christ,” she was ordained in 1985 as an evangelist and received her license to minister. Boyce received her second ordination in June 1999 for the Teaching ministry she started in her home. “People traveled from near-and-far,” to Boyce’s home, “to hear the uncut gospel of truth.”

“I think my pastor is an extraordinary leader,” Evangelist/Amor Bearer Doristean Smith, said. “She is one that stands firm on the word of God. God truly blessed me and my family when he led us to New Life Family Worship Center. Not only did we find a great leader, but we also found new life under her leadership.”

Along with Smith, members of New Life said their pastor not only preaches the word of God, “She also applies the same word of God she teaches to others, to her own life. She is raising up an army of blessed people that are frequently reminded to stay humble and eat the good of the land continuously, by faith.”

Boyce said her vision is “to serve in whatever capacity necessary to help change the lives of others for the better.” She takes the ministry to the streets every third Sat., 10:30 a.m. at NW 69th St. and 17th Ave. where the people are fed both natural and spiritual food.

She is the mother of a pastor in North Carolina; and grandmother of a prophet in Miami. She is also a member of the Educational Excellence Advisory Committee (EESAC); Juvenile Justice Center.

“When I think about my leader the word lifeline comes to mind,” said sister Tiffany Rodriguez. “I thank the Lord for giving her to me. Under her leadership, I have grown tremendously. She is an extraordinary pastor who does not need extraordinary things to teach the word of God. She is simply an amazing woman and pastor.”

Boyce says her heart’s desire is “to link up with spiritual warriors in this community and beyond to move out on the streets of Miami and pull down the spirit of murder. It can be done through the power of prayer and warfare in the spirit. I truly believe we will see the murder/crime rate come to a historical low if we all agree and sincerely call upon the name of Jesus Christ,” she added.

According to New Life members, Boyce “gets a personal satisfaction in serving God’s people in nursing homes, street ministry, evangelizing, prison ministries and hospitals. She still does home visits and in-home prayers.”