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North Shore Medical Center opens new ER facility for seniors

Erick Johnson | 4/17/2014, 9 a.m.
Dr. Carlos Sanchez, medical director of the new senior emergency room at North Shore Medical Center, cuts the ribbon to officially open the facility. Photo courtesy/North Shore Medical Center

In one room, an illuminated framed picture of a flowing river with mountains and trees provide a relaxing scene for patients after an intense visit to a doctor. Directly above the bed, an image with soft clouds and blue skies is imbued on a ceiling panel helps lighten a stressful


The features are part of a new senior emergency room that was recently unveiled at North Shore Medical Hospital during a ribbon cutting ceremony in which doctors and administrators gave tours of the new facility to local health officials.

The hospital is located at 1100 NW 95th St.

The facility has five patient rooms where seniors can recover from surgery or relax after doctor visits. Each room measures 180 square feet and is decorated with warm colors and illuminated images to help put patients at ease. Soft music is also played to help create a peaceful setting.

The center also has an overflow area that can hold additional patients on busy days.

"Patients will also be able to use the hospital’s regular emergency patient rooms when the new facility is full," said Cristene Martinez-Paez, pubic relations manager for the hospital.

There is also a sleek seating area for guests visiting the facility to see their loved ones. A large skylight hovers above as guests sit in thick-padded, comfortable chairs.

A stylish registration desk will help patients check in.

Health officials said the center will meet the critical needs of a rapidly-growing elderly population in West Little River as numerous area nursing homes experience shortages in beds and medical care.

“We are proud to officially open the emergency room center to provide the maximum comfort and highest care to our elderly patients,” said Dr. Carlos Sanchez, medical director of the emergency room at the hospital. “It’s the hospital’s responsibility to adapt to changes in the community.”