Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 4/24/2014, 9 a.m.
Congratulations go out to Roberta Daniels, president, Booker T. Washington Alumni Association for the ninth year of honoring outstanding alumni ...

Congratulations go out to Roberta Daniels, president, Booker T. Washington Alumni Association for the ninth year of honoring outstanding alumni under the umbrella of “The Living Legends Awards,” last Saturday at the Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel before over 300 people. The Honorees included: Delores D. Hills, Dr. Mary L. Hylor. Linda Rogers, Roberta Daniels, Reginald Burton, Dr. Herman Allen, Lames Leggett, James McCray, Nathaniel Ray, and Damas Petit. The criteria included: being a graduate, leadership, excellence in all endeavors, community pride and professional growth.


Dr. Richard Strachan

A special commendation goes out to program participants, beginning with Vickie Frazier-Williams, Channel 10, Dr. Edward G. Robinson, musician, Rev. Paul West, Treva B. Harrell, William Aristide, Principal, BTW, Maud Newbold, Bea L. Hines, Laura Jones, Jacqueline Humes, Roberta Daniels, who articulated words of thanks to everyone who played a small part.

Other VIP’s in attendance were: Willie Warren, vice president, Madeline Atwell, Sec. Kathryn Hepburn, Laura Jones, treasurer, Mary Simmons, Franklin Clark, Par., Frank Hall, Dr. Preston Marshall, Jr, Chaplain, Dr. Herman Dorsett, Paulette Martin, Phyllis Myers, Marcia Saunders, George Storr, Eunice Davis. Cora White, and 2014 Scholarship Recipients:

Loida Velasques, Kay Edwards, Breann Haugabook, Jamir Miller, Richie Revere, Rashad Revere, Rebeka Flls-Alme, Demetrius Jackson, Damas Petit, Llurys Alvarez, Mellssa Fils-Alme, Mohammad Dibcl, Ashley Jeanty, Teresita Gonzalez, Trinicia Hobbs, De’Andra Sherwood-Keer, Kesley Glover. It was a night the alumni will always remember and they displayed it with pride, dignity and camaraderie.

Former North Dade Sr. High School was restored to North Dade Middle School, while the audience of former students was reminded of the drama department headed by James Randolph and Lorraine Farrington Strachan who produced “Harvey” and “Media” which took them to the national festival in Indiana. The changing of the school did not disturb the pride of James Meadows, but produced more to highlight his theatre experience as a producer from heading the drama department at Bethune-Cookman University. He brought to the delight of the audience, Breah Miller, a one-woman play with the autobiography of Jo Marie Payton, known for her role as Harriette on Family Matters.

Miller was brilliant in her role as she performed the life of Payton. Furthermore, she began at the opening lines by narrating a rape scene at the age of nine and was urged never to tell anyone. Some of the alumni in attendance were: Commissioner Betty T. Ferguson, Janet Woods and Nancy Colebrooks. The ushers were Eilene Robinson Mashone Robinison, Maravin Robinson, Marthvious Robinson, and leader Alton Jones, all from Ebenezer UMC. Juanita Wilson, Muriel Markin, Clinton Smith, Shirley and Shelley Young, Pat Davis Smith, Aweia Casey Smith, Alonza Samuels, Carrey Cunningham, Nancy La Fleur, Bruce McCord, Janet Picard, Richard Miller, Stella Johnson, Norval Ruff, Joe Riley, WMBM, Rufus Wilson, Anthony P. Armbrister, and President Eddie Ellison.

The King of Clubs of greater Miami and Dr. Edwin T. Demerrite. Chairman, took the Dr. Tee S. Greer forum to Booker T. Washington High School with Dr. Astrid Mack, president emeritus, giving the occasion. Demeritte introducing Dr. Willie Wright, Jr. former president of Florida Memorial University, keynote speaker, and yours truly presiding

The program will also include David Camacho, De’Andra Sherwood, BTW Chorus, Dr. Richard J. Strachan, President, presiding, Dr. Edwin Demeritte who will introduce Keynote Speaker, Dr. Willie J. Wright and Ahmad Newbold, band director, was presented $1,200.00 for expenditures.