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Aldon Smith should be let go

The Sports Brothers | 4/24/2014, 9 a.m.
I want to be particularly careful how to word this column when referring to professional athletes. When we everyday citizens ...

I want to be particularly careful how to word this column when referring to professional athletes. When we everyday citizens with regular 9 to 5 jobs run afoul of the law, rarely do we see a recap of the events on the evening news. That is unless you do something especially dumb. When pro


Jeff Fox

athletes get busted folks are quick to stereotype that these individuals feel like they are above the law or better than the rest of us. Actually sometimes that is the case as there are many documented instances of athletes being busted by cops who drop the proverbial line “Do you know who i am?”

Many have been coddled, and made to feel that there were different sets of rules for them since early childhood once coaches discovered that they had special talents. Thus it is understandable to a certain degree that some may grow up feeling privileged but that is where they go wrong.

Athletes are not privileged despite what they may have been told. If you break the law you can be arrested or jailed whether you are a hall of fame NFL running back, a superstar college quarterback whatever it is that you do. Such is the case of San Francisco 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith who is dominant on the field. However he has a lengthening rap sheet off of it. Smith recently felt the need to yell the word "bomb" at a Los Angeles airport recently and was promptly arrested. In post 9/11 America that is an extremely ignorant thing to do. It was just the latest arrest for Smith an all pro defensive end who has been consistently getting in trouble since being drafted by the 49ers in 2011. Smith has been arrested on suspicion of DUI, and marijuana possession, charged with three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault


Ed Freeman

firearm and most recently the false bomb threat.

If the 49ers were to release him there would be a line as long the state of Florida for his services. That is where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may step in. NFL players routinely end up in police reports. To be fair most of them are good, hard working men who are simply earning a living doing what we all wish we could do. Get paid millions to play a game that kids would play for free. Furthermore the arrest blogs are not limited to athletes, entertainers, politicians all facets of life the very same holds true. You are not bigger than the law. There is no "I" in team. The 49ers and the NFL may have to draw the dirt in the sand and tell Aldon Smith and others that may follow him. Yes, you are an exceptional talent. Yes, we will pay you millions to do what you do. Yes we will give you opportunities to redeem yourself, but they will also say no. No we do not need you. You need us. Act accordingly.

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