Bishop Burley and Pastor Linda Knowles: United, spiritual team

Couple express purpose in their ministry with the word of truth

Gigi Tinsley | 8/14/2014, 9 a.m.
The Breakthrough International Christian Center (BICC), 3790 NW 167th. is under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Burley and Pastor Linda ...
Bishop Burley and Pastor Linda Knowles

The Breakthrough International Christian Center (BICC), 3790 NW 167th. is under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Burley and Pastor Linda Knowles. They said, “Our responsibilities are to first, “rightly divide the word of truth, and secondly, to help others tap into their purpose for being on this earth.”

The Knowles are natives of Miami where Burley graduated from American Senior High and Linda from Miami Central Senior High School.

They have been married for 29 years —Burley remembers so well, he said, because they were married the day before his birthday — and working in the ministry of Jesus Christ has helped to solidify and keep their marriage strong and family strong which includes Shantera and Burley, Jr.

“There isn’t anything better than working at something you are passionate about with someone you are deeply in love with,” Knowles said.

From the age of three, Linda attended church at the Apostolic Revival Center on 15th Ave. and N.W. 67th St. which was led by the dynamic Dr. Gilbert S. Smith. Burley started attending when he was 11 years old. In 1985 Dr. Smith ordained him as an elder in the church where he began serving as associate pastor in the Lively Stones for Jesus Ministry which was led by his mother Apostle Dr. Thelma Knowles. In 1992, he was ordained a bishop by by Apostle Knowles. After serving in the LSJ Ministry for 21 years he began the Breakthrough International Christian Center church in 2007. BICC is under the auspices of the Associate Independent Ministries (AIM) and the Apostolic Covering and Church Affiliation (ACCA).

In addition to the Youth Outreach, One Flesh (marriage) Ministry, Men and Women Fellowship, and Evangelism Intercessory Ministries, BICC also has the N.O.G. (Nothing Over God), under the direction of Youth Minister Nicolas Daniels. Sister Beondra Cooper is director of the Dance Ministry.

This Friday culminates the church’s Summer Camp Program.

The theme was Educational Enrichment. Beginning this school term, BICC will initiate a Before and After Care Program that will allow parents to bring children to the Center from 6-8:30 a.m., before school and from 2-6 p.m. after school is out.

In addition to serving in the ministry, Bishop Knowles worked as a corrections officer for Miami-Dade County for 29 years.

Pastor and Bishop Knowles invite the public to visit Breakthrough International Christian Center at anytime and experience the life changing presence of God in a loving, Christian, family, environment.