Music school CEO looking to land Northside location

Executive aims to give all a chance to develop more than talent

Ashley Montgomery | 8/14/2014, 9 a.m.
We can recall the time where we’ve been asked over and over again, “What do you want to be when ...
Students being shown the functionalities of a recording studio by Owner, Thomas Demerritte.

We can recall the time where we’ve been asked over and over again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Now the time has come, Thomas Demerritte, CEO of the ADMIT program, is giving not just adolescents, but adults the opportunity to advance in the music business, too.

The ADMIT program provides music and entertainment industry career training while assisting enrolled students in writing, recording and distributing their own positive songs.


CEO Thomas Demerritte presenting mobile ADMIT Program to students at Miami Edison's Tech program in May 2014.

The program facility is expected to feature a professional recording studio and video equipment, and daily after-school and in-school programming with training using the program’s own textbook, curriculum and positive music and video projects.

“This is a unique service proven to engage young people in fun,” Demerritte said. “[It's] a motivational music driven service activity that I am looking to provide.”

Over the past 12 years the program has provided service to many groups of students in the Miami and Atlanta areas.

Demerritte is working closely with Sheila Rahming, property manager of the Northside Centre, to open up a location in the Black community.

“I think that this would be a great location for something like this,” Rahming said. “It’s really just a matter of where and whenever he is ready. I have a few spaces for him available.”

The Northside Centre is a treasure land of thousands of square feet and provides various services to the community.

The ADMIT program would be one more thing to add to that list.

In a recent statement, Demerritte said: “Our unique services will truly benefit your young people, as can be verified by Center for Independent Living of South Florida’s High School High Tech Coordinator, Kirby Ross or their Community Outreach Coordinator, Shelley Gottsagen.

This organization annually uses our mobile music and video production services to train and engage the high school high tech students under her supervision, and these efforts have resulted in excellent videos. 

We have also provided our mobile services to youth programs in the Metro Atlanta area for the past three years and we will work within any budget to provide a quality product.”

For more information visit theadmitprogram.org.