It's Tannehill's time to shine

The Sports Brothers | 8/21/2014, noon
The 2013 season for Ryan Tannehill was a step in the right direction. The second year quarterback showed promise by ...

The 2013 season for Ryan Tannehill was a step in the right direction. The second year quarterback showed promise by doubling his touchdown numbers. He also passed for almost 700 more yards, and ended up with a better completion and passing rating than his rookie season. He finished in the top 10 in the league in terms of yards passing with 3,913, and in the top half of the league in terms of yards per game and passing touchdowns. So why are some Dolphin fans reluctant to embrace this guy as the quarterback of the present and future?

Could it be the moderate improvement on his numbers just aren’t cutting it? Tannehill was not good enough to get the Dolphins over the final two obstacles and a berth in the playoffs last year. However, this year it appears new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor’s offense has put his young QB on the right path toward being a whole lot better. Many so-called prognosticators are feeling really good about the Fins young quarterback and believe that this new offense is perfectly suited for him.

Tannehill has been razor sharp along with backup Matt Moore in both pre-season games thus far. Furthermore, he has an abundance of talent at wide receiver. Expect big things from speedster Mike Wallace, possession man Brian Hartline and slot receiver Brandon Gibson. Okay here is the bad news. There are some obvious glares on the right side of the offensive line, the running game is awful and Mike Pouncey being out will affect the passing game in a really negative way. Still Dolphin fans must remain optimistic and have patience with Tannehill.

According to ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, in 2013 Tannehill was at his best in the red zone,” “He threw 18 touchdowns when he smelled paydirt, with only one interception.”

Another upside to Tannehill’s game is his play-action fakes, his mobility and elusiveness. His deliberate passing in Lazor’s new system is something everyone has noticed. The ball is coming out quicker and both Tannehill and Moore appear to have a firm grasp of the offense. Tannehill completed 9-14 passes for 110 yards against Tampa Bay this past weekend. Moore led the Fins to a couple of touchdowns and a field goal. “Tannehill has the talent to become a top 10 quarterback in the league,” said Jaworski. “With Bill Lazor, the new offensive coordinator in Miami, expect a more up tempo offense and a quicker pace that will help Tannehill in his continued development.” Will this lead to more wins, which is what everyone wants? Time will tell. Next up the "dress rehearsal" game against Dallas where the starters usually play into the third quarter. Expect to see a quick tempo and young Tannehill in firm control. The reward will be great for Tannehill and Dolphin fans. Now is the time to show some belief and faith in your starting QB. He will be among the better players at his position sooner than later.