The Lord’s vision helped Rhodes found Word Counselors Ministries

Gigi Tinsley | 8/28/2014, 9 a.m.
Dr. Napoleon D. Rhodes Sr., is the International Prelate of the Convention of Covenanting Churches. The organization has churches in ...
The Convention of Covenanting Churches Youth at Six-flags Magic Mountain during their annual Christian excursion in CA

Dr. Napoleon D. Rhodes Sr., is the International Prelate of the Convention of Covenanting Churches. The organization has churches in the U.S., including Miami, Palm Beach and Riviera Beach. It also has churches in several foreign countries, including the Philippines, Africa, Asia, India and Iran.


Dr. Napoleon D. Rhodes Sr.

In 1977, Rhodes says he “followed a vision from the Lord and contacted two of his dearest friends and founded Word Counselors Ministries to help the body of Christ.”

He said the Spirit of God awakened him and showed him that the three of them would be used to help unify the body of Christ.


“In the vision, I saw a multi-denominational body of believers: Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Apostolic, COGIC, COG, etc. marching towards me as I stood near an open podium. Then an angel dressed in minister’s clothing and wearing a broad smile said to me, It’s time for your short message.”

During the next 16 years, Napoleon “traveled throughout the country ministering the uniting message of salvation, through Jesus Christ, to all denominations, races and cultures.”

The Convention of Covenanting Churches (CCCs) developed from that ministry. The group acts as the covering relationship to Dr. Rhodes in bringing unity to the body of Christ-“regardless of denomination, gender, race or cultural differences,” Rhodes said.

Bishop Peter Hickman, presiding bishop of St. Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church.

Bishop Peter Hickman, presiding bishop of St. Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church.

“As it was with Word Counselors Ministries, The Convention of Covenanting Churches is a ministry of ‘helps’ to all who believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as Savior and Lord,” Rhodes said.

The uniqueness of the 3-CCCs, according to their archival records, includes: a multi-racial jurisdictional Board; a multi-denominational body of believers; a world outreach focus; international in its scope; geared to build the body of Christ; conceived to enhance through prayer, supplication, and fellowship, rather than change its mandate; enables and assists ministers and ministries and biblical-based in operation and practice.

The 3-CCCs began with five pastors coming together under a covenant of unconditional love, unselfish support and unlimited sharing. Two of the three founders, Bishops William Huntley, Sr. (Church of God In Christ pastor) and Arthur Conward (Pentecostal Holiness pastor), “have since passed away, and Bishop Manual Vargas (a Colombian pastor), decided to go in another direction,” Rhodes said.

The Charter Members of the 3-CCCs were: Napoleon D. Rhodes, sr., Eddie Jernagin, William Huntley, Sr., Manuel Vargas, the late Arthur Conward, and John Calvin.


“We believe God who directed me not to change one thing he had put into my heart,” Rhodes remarked. “God directed us to go into all the earth and teach the necessity of ‘unity’ as called for in the prayer of Jesus in St. John 17:22 and 23. And, Even though we were few, we divided the entire world into twelve divisions and began to believe God for holy men and women to set as a beach-head holder in each of them. The three of us traveled throughout preaching and teaching the unifying message of oneness.”

The message the 3-CCCs teach is that “God did not call for the separation that exist in the world that has resulted in the separation we currently have in the house of God.” They also declare that they “would never major on minor issues of scripture, or attempt to implant our personal ministerial vision on another.”

Currently, in the fifteenth year of this ministry, the group has grown to an international level with “all of the world covered with responsible Jurisdictional Bishops. One of them is a holy, blessed, available and capable woman. We are an example of ‘oneness” and move in that way. Now we are moving to possess the ‘glory’ that Jesus gave us-the same ‘glory’ he had with the Father before the world was.”


Pastor Marie Trimble, the only lady bishop, currently, became a senior pastor 35 years ago, pasturing a church that was placed in her care by the Four Square Church of America.

In the beginning, there were only three members, her husband, her daughter (now deceased) and herself. “My life and ministry has been covered with prayer,” Bishop Trimble says.

She currently has a super praying church, a Christian college, and outreaches in India and Africa.

The India and Africa Outreach has its own educational institution, supported (at first entirely) by their church, Resurrection Life Center of Lynwood, CA.

For more information about the Convention of Covenanting Churches, contact Prelate Bishop Rhodes at cloudsmoving1@yahoo.com or call 1-562-355-4268.