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Thursday, February 27

Williams continuing to grow small businesses

Office of Economic Opportunity still facilitating jobs for Blacks

Could the old saying, “good things come to those who wait” be needing a revision? Those at the Office of Economic Opportunity [OEO] would say yes. More like, “good things come to those who go out and take opportunities.”

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Jennifer Deveaux-Robinson, daughter of the late Ada Mae McKinney-Deveaux and Richard “Rocky” Deveaux returned home a few weeks ago to attend the funeral of her aunt Edna and cousin Donzaleah. Regina Davis-Cook, who lives in Columbia, Maryland came to her former home to visit her brother Elston B. Davis, who is a patient at Mercy Hospital. He is recovering from heart surgery. Regina is also visiting her father, Elston Davis and her sister, Annette E. Davis. Regina was here for one week with her family. Miamians were

Mrs. Burnett attributes longevity to her faith

When one has lived long enough to be called a centurion, that individual belongs to a very elite group that has very few members. Mrs. Gertrude McNish Jones Burnett, 99, will belong to that group in less than eleven months. Burnett was born January 9, 1915 in Fort White, Columbia County, Florida. She is one of six children born to Carrie and Walter McNish.

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Chatter That Matters

Congratulations go out to Iota Phi Lambda, Inc. Gamma Alpha Phi Chapter and Officers Mary L. Dunn, Chairperson, Ronica Morgan, Chairperson, Gems and Gents, Joann Jones, Chairperson, Gems & Gents, Helen Reed, and Leann Smith. The Ritual for the Gems & Gents included dancing while the young people danced in and took a step when their names were called for recognition: Jakegila Bell, Shanyah Britt, Rayquann Brunner, Jaloria Burton, Da’Cia Cooper, Kyla Diek, Sten’yah Evans, Terrell Fice, Johnnisha Francois, Torrell Hill, Daniel Holmes, Jeremiah Johnson, Marcus Marshall, Elijah McBee, Monica Oliver, Ajani Parks, Juliah Virgil, and Jayvonte Waters.

Parks celebrate re-opening

The Miami-Dade County Parks Recreation and Open Spaces celebrated the re-opening of Quail Roost Park in 11336 SW 186th Street on February 22nd.

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Miami Dolphins buy BTW football team’s title rings

Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson welcomed the Booker T. Washington High School Football Team to Miami-Dade County Commission chambers on February 19th to celebrate its 14-0 record and 2013 state

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City of Miami Gardens eyes $60M bond

City to host town hall Thursday

If Mayor Oliver Gilbert has his way, 2014 will be the year of redemption for the City of Miami Gardens. While last year was marked with youth violence which received a great deal of media attention, Gilbert and the City Council are focusing on the community’s potential.

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Rep. Stafford speaks at Black history luncheon

State Representative Cynthia A. Stafford (D-109) served as the keynote speaker at the Progressive Officers Club annual Black history luncheon

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The Rosa Shaw Story

The famous Mother Evangelist Rosa Shaw spoke openly and candidly about her life and the many opportunities given to her by God, during our interview. Her son, Charles Johnson, the older of her two sons, helped fill in the gaps when she, the day before her 105th birthday, was unable to remember a name, place, or incident. Her youngest son, Peter Johnson, lives in Newark, NJ where Charles lived for many years, too. Shaw was born in Bishopville, SC and moved to Tampa, FL as a young woman. Before becoming an evangelist, musician and pastor, she was an entrepreneur. Shaw was a cosmetologist and owned a beauty salon and restaurant in Tampa.

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God’s First Family

Genesis two gives a detailed account of the creation of the first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve. The first surgery, with anesthesia on Adam, was some 2,500 years later than it was recorded by Moses in what we now know as the first book of the Bible — Genesis. Scripture declares that God “took one of Adam’s ribs

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OYC ensures no child goes to bed hungry

Richard Yulman, Alonzo Mourning fund new dinner program 

The Overtown Youth Center [OYC] has become a guarded sanctuary for hundreds of children in its community. With its large, colorful and extra-personable staff, its no wonder that such an amazing initiative has conjured up to ensure that no child goes home hungry.  Richard Yulman and former Miami Heat basketball star, Alonzo Mourning, launched OYC’s new Dinner Program to benefit students at the center. Yulman is the retired co-chair and owner of Serta International.  “It’s a very disturbing thought to think that children go to bed without a meal; we have so much here in abundance to make sure they don’t go without,” Mourning said. 

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Why wasn't Joe Philbin fired too?

Finally we got to see heads roll in the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal following the release of the Ted Wells report. Offensive line coach Jim Turner, yes he of the blow up doll purchases, gone. Longtime athletic trainer Kevin O’Neill whom we understand refused to cooperate with the Wells report — gone.

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The Lyric is ready to rejuvenate Overtown

The Lyric Theater was opened in 1913 by a Black man from Georgia, Geder Walker.  In 1915, the Miami News described the Lyric Theater “as the most beautiful and costly playhouse owned by Colored people in all the Southland.”  The theater anchored the district known as “Little Broadway” an area in Overtown alive with

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Medicinal marijuana use gaining support among FL voters

The idea on whether marijuana is good or not will be for Florida residents to decide in the upcoming Gubernatorial elections in November when a controversial amendment will go before voters to legalize the a drug which mothers say will help heal their children who are suffering from epilepsy, cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

Is it just me or did justice take a day off?

Because justice took a day off on Saturday, February 15, 2014, Lucia Mc Bath and Ron Davis could not celebrate the 19th birthday of their murdered son Jordan Davis on February 16, 2014. It seems unbelievable that yet again a jury cannot justify the murder conviction of a white man who shoots dead an unarmed Black teenage boy.  In this case, Jordan, a young Black teenager, who was playing his music “too loud,” in a car with his friends was sentenced to death by Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old white man at a gas station parking lot in Jacksonville Florida, in November 2012.

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Bro. William Maddox embraces God's word

Brother William Donald Maddox, Jr. was born in Miami to the late William and Pearlie Maddox. He grew up in Richmond Heights and says, “I inherited a rich legacy of true family values.” Maddox was educated in the Miami-Dade County School System and graduated from Miami Killian Senior High School in 1975. He also attended Johnson C. Smith University; Sunset School of Biblical Studies,

Myers of FMU named 2014 HBCU All-Star 

President Obama’s initiative creates opportunity for scholars 

Jonte Myers, 31, has made significant strides while attending Florida Memorial University [FMU]. So much so he has been recognized by the White House, among 75 students from 62 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Last week, the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities [WHIHBCU] announced its first class of HBCU All-Stars. Myers, a graduate student, learned of the program from a faculty member.  “Dr. Riley brought it to my attention and she had already done her part, of filling out the faculty recommendation that was required for the application,” Myers said. 

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Faith Calendar

Winds of Change Ministers Conference hosts The Ministers Network today, Feb. 26 - 28 at 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Call 954-560-8269.

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Lifestyle Happenings

The City of Hallandale Beach proudly honors Black History Month at this month’s 4th Fridays on Foster from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Feb. 28 at Foster Park Community Center. Call 954-457-1452.

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Street Talk

What’s your opinion of a couple cohabiting before marriage?

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Amateurs and more come out for the Citrus Series

Trainer Darragh Kerrins showed off his jumper courses’ skills

Monestime honors outstanding citizens

Honor Black citizens for Black History Month

History Month is a month set aside to learn about the struggle, to honor the courage and to celebrate the achievements of Black men and women throughout history,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Monestime. 

Superintendent brings IT boards to 10,000 classrooms

Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho announced that Miami-Dade County Public Schools has selected Promethean as the exclusive supplier of interactive (IT) boards for over 10,000 classrooms that cur"Technology is vitally important to the process of educating our students," said Superintendent Carvalho. "The technology offered here will give our teachers the opportunity to share a myriad of educational resources with students. We are proud to work with Promethean in providing this outstanding educational enhancement to our students."

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Profiling must end for healing to begin

The civil right movement was successful in reducing racial disparities in systems, policies and services that used to promote white supremacy in America. However, by no means has racism been eradicated; it just became subtle and camouflaged. Racism is alive and well in America and we must make sure our children are aware of this fact. Although racial discrimination is illegal in America and punishable by law it is usually disguised as an organizational policy, state mandate or law such as the infamous “Stand Your Ground.”

Amistad Sunday at Church of the Open Door united

Christians celebrate friendship

The Church of the Open Door, 6001 NW 8th Ave., under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Joaquin, Congregational, United Church of Christ, and the United Black Christians will, for the 17th consecutive year, host the celebration of Amistad Sunday. Their aim is to constantly keep that legacy in the minds of Floridians. La Amistad, in Spanish means Friendship, but the ship that carried Mendes, who were originally taken from Sierra Leone to Puerto Principe, Cuba to be sold into slavery was showing everything but the act of

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Miami Gardens has a major makeover plan on the horizon

Nearly 11 years ago, disaffected residents, disenfranchised business owners, and a community of believers came together to form the city that is Miami Gardens. Bound by the idea that government closer to us would be more responsive, our founding Mothers created a city of 110,000 people in an effort to make real a dream that had been too long deferred. Over the last decade, we have had successes and shortcomings; failures and triumphs, but through it all, the true spirit of Miami Gardens’ Residents remain.

Thursday, February 20

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Lifestyle Happenings

Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus will hold its 8th annual Community Health Fair on Sat. Feb. 22 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. George Washington Carver/ D.C.T.S. Alumni are sponsoring their annual Alumni Day celebration Fri. Feb. 28, at 2 p.m. in the school auditorium. Call 305-238-7887. Miami Northwestern Senior High will have a parade from 8:30 a.m.-noon on Sat. March 1. Call 305-836-0991.

Celebrate Haiti's rich culture at Big Night

Series brings Alan Cavé, arts and more

The Little Haiti Cultural Center wants you to celebrate Haiti with music, art and delicious food at its Big Night in Little Haiti series. The event--held every third Friday--will feature Haiti’s most popular amour singer, Alan Cave whose known for crooning romantic ballads in French and Creole and DJ Mack of Mizikpam.com between sets.

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MCI shows appreciation in Liberty City

Miami Children's Initiative hosts Early Care and Education Luncheon

The Miami Children’s Initiative [MCI] and Miami-Dade County Public Schools [MDCPS] hosted a luncheon that brought together a collection of heavy-hitters in the early child care industry. MCI is a nonprofit organization focused on transforming Liberty City into a prosperous community. The pair invited Liberty City’s early childcare education owners/directors and MCDPS principals to come out

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‘Fins can put scandal to bed

The Ted Wells investigation into the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal finally came to an end and was released to the media this past weekend.  Wells’ 140-plus page report on the drama that unfolded in ‘Fins camp leading up to Jonathan Martin’s departure from the team is graphic, troublesome and not the type of behavior one would expect from grown men. Firstly he did a masterful job of sifting through the evidence, concluding that Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey were the main

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BTW’s “Apples”did not fall far from the “Trees”

On Sunday, Feb. 9th, Booker T. Washington Alumni Association, Inc.’s Orange, Black and White Tea Committee, chaired by Ms. Cecilia L. Hunter presented the very successful “The Apples Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” celebration instead of the usual annual “Unsung Heroes” event.

Tenants sue complex after roof collapse

North Miami residents target Gold King apartments

Displaced tenants in North Miami filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court against Gold King Apartments after the roof of their apartment building collapsed during a rain storm. On December 26 of last year, 11 tenants and their families were forced from their homes when the building's roof caved in the middle of the night.

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Chatter That Matters

Congratulations go out to Rheta Boone Fye for the presentation of Office Black Affairs Annual Black History Program featuring Arcola Lakes Singing Angels, Little Willie, DJ, and a host of members from the Office of Black Affairs, while the Commissioners join the Angels singing “Enjoy Jesus” to the delight of the program. Some of the Angels included Gloria Pacely, President, Mary Simmons,

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Nutrition for your Heart

Eating right and exercising on a regular basis are two lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your heart and improve your overall well-being. Women often allow their careers and family responsibilities to take priority over their health. Preparing a healthy meal the entire family can enjoy can be challenging. But like most challenges in life, developing a plan is often the first step in making a change.

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Attorney elected as chair of board

Board supports Black affairs in MD-C

 The Miami-Dade County Black Affairs Advisory Board elected Stephen Hunter Johnson as its chairman.  “Supporting the needs of Miami-Dade County’s Black World Community has always been a part of my life and career,” said Johnson. ”Continuing the great work carried on by my predecessor and immediate past chair, Priscilla Dames-Blake, is an honor.”

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Miami Gardens Heritage Bowl features City's best and brightest

City of Miami Gardens tests groups of students on Black History facts

The City of Miami Gardens alongside Mayor Oliver Gilbert held its 10th Annual Heritage Bowl at Florida Memorial University. The competition kicked off in the Lou Rawls Center for Performing Arts.  Both middle and senior high school divisions of the competition began that morning at 10 a.m. and finals later that afternoon at 2 p.m. 

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God is good even when things look bad

Life has a way of allowing you to view it in two categories, good or bad. We will either view life as if things will work out for our good or take a view of what I call the “Charlie Brown- why is everybody always picking on me?” The psalmist in Psalm 73:1-2 started out with a “Charlie Brown” view, things are good for everybody else but me.

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Lilliam Moro’s story

Lilliam Moro, 67, believes God was guiding her when she titled her latest poetry book Obra Poética Casi Completa, or an “Incomplete Book of Poetry.” She felt in her heart that she wasn’t quite done writing poems. In August 2013, 10 days after presenting her book at an event, the Cuban poet suffered a massive heart attack that left her in a coma for a month.

Hadley Park gets $6.5 million for renovations

Comm. Hardemon & City approve funding

Charles Hadley Park Youth Center will be receiving a makeover courtesy of Commissioner Keon Hardemon. "The community had been demanding park improvements and expansion for years," said Hardemon.

Haitian entrepreneur selected for Goldman Sachs business program

Donard St. Jean, owner of the Dade Institute of Technology was selected as one of the participants of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, a curriculum that's designed to help business

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Young talent big dreams

Contest allows local children to reach for the stars

While finalists from prior competitions entertained crowds at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, new contestants nervously took to the stage at the Miracle Theatre for the launch of this season’s Young Talent Big Dreams talent competition. From krumping to original composition, the styles and art disciplines represented at the opening weekend were as varied and diverse as Miami-Dade County itself.

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V74 Boutique ‘gives back with a heart’

Local boutique raises funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

With the growing use of social media marketing, V74 Boutique has been able to make its mark in Miami’s fashion market. Vanessa Floyd, a Miami native who graduated from American High School, found triumph in the midst of a horrible tragedy — losing her mother.  “Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the act of shopping. . . it has always been something that I love to do,” Floyd said. 

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Family is most important to Reverend Whisby

Elder Willie Whisby “has had mature thoughts for as long as I have known him, and that is a long time,” Mrs. Thessalonia H. Tinsley, 92, said when asked by this reporter, her daughter. “As a young boy, he was helping his daddy and other grown men make repairs on houses. They were doing what you all now call ‘house flipping’ long before it was on television.”

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Knight Foundation renews community through arts

Seeking projects that benefit South Florida

According to Tatiana Hernandez, South Florida is experiencing an arts revival. “Right now, South Florida is undergoing a creative renaissance,” said Hernandez, arts program officer of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. “Culturally, Miami is very young. [Prior to current funding] museums and other art institutions were last funded in the late 1980s based on the small size of those communities. Now, those same communities have expanded tremendously, and they’re receiving funding that’s reflective of it.”

Khali to urge FMU to embrace Afrocentric beauty

Poet, photographer brings message to Interactive forum on Feb. 26

Photographer and poet Saddi Khali wants people of African descent to accept themselves just as they are. He brings his message of what he calls “self-love” this month to Florida Memorial University. “There’s a dominant standard of beauty that is generally white, tall, thin and blonde and airbrushed. So many people don’t fit that beauty standard,” Khali says. “We have to undo some of the ways we see ourselves.”

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Signature Suites open at Northshore

The Mother/Baby Unit (3rd floor-main bldg.), the same area where the first baby was born more than 60 years ago, and weighed in at nine pounds, has been refurbished and that mother would not recognize it, if she saw it today. The maternity suites are beautiful and can be easily compared to any fine hotel suite at any resort around.

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Jordan Davis’ family still seeking justice

Michael Dunn a white software developer claims that it was out of fear that he shot and murdered 17-year-old Black teenager, Jordan Davis. According to the shooter, the teenager pointed a gun at him and threatened his life after he asked him to turn down the loud music that was coming from

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Commissioner Monestime honors MD-C residents

Youth sports team honored at meeting

County Commissioner Jean Monestime honored two outstanding Miami-Dade County citizens and a spectacular youth sports team at the Board of County Commissioners meeting. Held on February 4th, Commissioner Monestime presented a proclamation to award-winning Miami

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Congresswoman Wilson announces STEM Competition

Hope to stir youth’s creativity

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) announced the first Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academic Competition. Established by Members of the U.S. House of Representatives the new competition is designed to engage student’s creativity and encourage their participation in STEM education fields.  For 2014, the nationwide competition will be an App Challenge.

Jackson Health System hosts small business vendor fair

Event promotes participation, inclusive competition and transparency

Jackson Health System will host a Small Business Vendor Fair on February 26, 2014 at Jackson Memorial Hospital. During the fair, attendees will learn about doing business with Jackson, the third largest public hospital system in the nation.

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Attorney Powell follows her passion  — opens hair salon 

Hair salon caters to women of color 

“Love what you do, and do what you love” is a mantra attorney turned entrepreneur of one of the hottest and most affordable salons in Miami, Weaves, Etc. is all too familiar with.  Jamila Powell, who was once litigating in criminal court took her future into her own hands and made the decision to break into the hair care industry.  

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Forum spurs talk on racism

Collegiates share stories on racism

“What is it about white folks that makes them feel in danger,” asked Reverend Dr. Jeffery Swain, director of Florida Memorial University's (FMU) Centers for Academic Support and Retention.

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Why are Black women so angry?

Problematic question draws many responses

Unlike women of other races, Black women are regularly viewed as angry by society. The Urban League of Greater Miami addressed this disparity by hosting a forum that asked the women of Liberty City, “Why are Black women so angry?”

City of Miami closes Curtis Park temporarily

Sample found contaminated soil

The City of Miami and Miami-Dade County's Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) are currently performing an area wide sampling as a result of precautionary concerns.  An early sample identified contaminated soil at Curtis Park located at 1901 NW 24 Street, Miami, FL.

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Dunn verdict shows there is still work to do

As a trial attorney with 25 years experience in the civil arena, I can say one thing about juries - one never knows what the outcome will be.  I have lost trials that I should have won and won trials that I should have lost.  I have seen huge verdicts for minimal injuries and small verdicts for catastrophic injuries.  In the civil arena, the jury is making a decision about money.  In a criminal trial, the stakes

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Happy birthday to all of you born in the month of February. May you all enjoy many more. Zandria Postell, Herbert Rhodes, Jr., Donna Turner, Stephen Newbold, Sr. Darris Williams, Garth C. Reeves, Sr., Thomas Fisher, Sylvia Sands, Dwight Jackson, Jr., Jack Swilley, Muriel Parker, Ashley Williiams, Muriel Parker, Ashley Williams, Calysis Parks, Byron Clark, Elton Clark, Paulette Derico, Antionette

Monday, February 17

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#DangerousBlackKids Dominates Twitter Timelines

Following a controversial verdict in the trial for Michael Dunn, Twitter blows up with images that challenge negative stereotypes of Black youth.

Thursday, February 13

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On Tuesday, January 14 at approximately 10:10 p.m.

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Planting the SEED

Are we ready to send our at-risk children to boarding school?

When you think of boarding school, a few things come to mind — affluent white children, pristine uniforms and pedigree. What does not come to mind are inner city Black youth — until now. One institution’s solution in overcoming barriers to educational success is unheard of within the Black community--i.e., send students to boarding school.

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Leroy Washington left a great legacy

Leroy Washington was born in Greenville, FL on May 1, 1925 to the parentage of the late George and Leanna Stevens Washington. He was the youngest of five children and graduated from Greenville High School.

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PAMM kicks off Black art show

Venus Williams and more attend unveiling

The host committee for the Perez Art Museum Miami Fund (PAMM) for African American Art sure knows how to throw a star-studded party. Tennis champion Venus Williams, award-winning playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney and artists Faith Ringgold and Rashid Johnson were in attendance to support PAMM's long-standing commitment to Black art.

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U.S. Congress cuts food stamps for those in need

President Obama increased SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps) during his first term.  The increase was part of the economic stimulus package and ends November 1.  Congress wants to cut food stamps by an additional $39 million and the Senate is willing to just decrease it by $5 billion.   With the drop in benefits, the average payment for meal for a person with food stamps is $1.40 per meal.  47 million lower income Americans will be impacted, mostly the poor, children, elderly or disabled. 1 in 6 Americans are hungry. 

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Tracy Mourning’s Honey Bugs get the “Shine” they deserve

College scholarships and more provided to underserved girls

The name of this supportive mentoring program, Honey Shine Inc., derived from a term of endearment that many Black women can share and relate to . . . when greeting one another: “Hey, honey child!” or even the scandalous-yet-loving-filled, “Oooo, honey child, let me tell you!” Honey Shine, Inc. is a loving environment that makes all parties involved feel proud to be a part of such a passionate circle. 

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Program offers free HIV testing

Held at Brownsville, MLK Metrorails

Participants at the “Take the Train . . . Take the Test” program in Brownsville that offered free HIV testing to the public. For information about testing sites, call 1-800-352-2437 (English) or 1-800-243-7101 (Creole). Or visit www.testmiami.org

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Miami Foundation set to grant $1.2 million

The Miami Foundation is accepting applications for its 2014 Community Grants Program, the Foundation’s signature grantmaking program awarding $1.2 million to nonprofits serving Greater Miami. Interested organizations must first submit a pre-proposal application by 4 p.m., Thursday, February 13, 2014. Finalists will be invited to complete a full proposal.

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Attorney Jeff Cazeau named as shareholder in law firm

Will focus on minority affairs for municipal contracts

Becker & Poliakoff announced attorney Jeff P. H. Cazeau as a shareholder of its Government Law & Lobbying Practice Group. He will work directly in the firm’s Miami office. Cazeau is a municipal and government affairs attorney who serves as the City Attorney for the City of Florida City and represents small and mid-sized companies in land use, zoning issues and resolving government contract disputes like bid protests. He will lobby on behalf of private clients on the state, feder

Soul Centric provides a home to “Miami’s new culture”

TRU Soul and local business make joint effort to bring back soul

South Beach is home of the glitz and glamour; where the socialites mingle and the celebrities from all over the world reside in their million-dollar mansions. On the other side of town, Tru Soul Entertainment wants to make a name for some of the less-known celebs in town. 

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Young woman overcomes hardships to start foundation

Fortress Women Foundation helps women in distress

From the age of 12 until she became 23, Shay who asked that her last name not be used says,“I went through conditions and situations that most young girls have never gone through and I hope never has to. I was abused, in a volatile relationship, had low self-esteem and basically felt that I was not worth being around anyone who was of good character.”

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Faith Calendar

Mt. Hope Fellowship Baptist Church, Opa-locka invite the public to celebrate with them their 22nd anniversary that continues Feb. 12-14 nightly at 7:30. Call 305-493-9635. The Teen Upward Bound Give Back Event being sponsored by Chili’s in Miami Gardens on Feb. 12, invites the public to let Chili’s do the cooking and with each flyer presented on Wed. 10 percent of that day’s sales will be given back to Teen Upward Bound. Call 305-722-7187.

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Vice Mayor feeds City of Opa-locka

Spearheads food donation for over 1000 families

Vice Mayor feeds City of Opa-locka

What’s going on in Overtown?

Clarence Woods, SEOPW CRA executive director tells his side

After enduring hurdle after hurdle, the Overtown community will finally begin to see the fruits of the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency [SEOPW CRA], the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County’s labor.  On Monday, Jan. 27 the board of co

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lifestyle happenings

Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus will hold its 8th annual Community Health Fair on Sat. Feb. 22 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Booker T. Washington Class of 1965 will meet Sat. Feb 15. at 3:30 p.m. at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. Call 305-213-0188.

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Chatter That Matters

Congratulations go out to Dr. Preston Marshall, Founder, as well as Rev. Norris Kelly, Chairman, and Denise M. Stewart, Co-Chairman for a job well done officiating the 50th annual Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. parade. The National Champion Booker T. Washington Football along with Armad Newbold and the BTW Marching Band served as Parade Marshals. Other dignitaries were Florida Highway Patrol, Rep. Cynthia Stafford, State Attorney’s Office, Katherine F. Rundle, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, Senator Dwight Bullard, Newly

Miami’s homeless greatly in need of a helping hand

The typical face of a homeless person in Miami-Dade County looks more familiar than you think. According to Benjamin Waxman, he’s “single, middle-aged, Black male between 40-55 years old and most likely born and/or raised in South Florida.” Waxman, an attorney with the law firm Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman, P.A. should know as he’s the lead counsel in the Pottinger rights case involving the homeless community and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida that was recently mediated.

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Bendross-Mindingall hosts workshop on domestic violence

Attendees of No More Broken Hearts, a three hour workshop on domestic violence presented by School Board Member Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall (District 2). Over 200 adul

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Let’s not forget our local heros this Black History Month

Black History is officially recognized during the month of February.   Schools, businesses and communities throughout the United States will celebrate the lives of well-known African American leaders such as the late Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Mary McCloud Bethune, Malcolm X. and a host of others who carved out a path for all people of African descent.  African American leaders

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Lyric Theater lights up Overtown

Official grand opening scheduled for June

The Lyric Theater’s much anticipated soft-opening in Overtown attracted prominent Black figures to its ribbon cutting ceremony held on February 6th. The event honored sponsors and patrons who contributed to the Lyric Theater’s renovation.

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Dade County Deltas honor their founders

TV and Radio personality headlines celebration

Biblically, it is written: “Give honor where honor is due.” The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dade County Alumnae Chapter took that statement literally and acted positively upon it Sat., Jan 25 at the J.W. Marriott Brickell. They honored their 22 founders with all the vim, vigor and respect any group could have for those whose shoulders they now stand.

FMU 2014 Homecoming Celebration

Florida Memorial University Homecoming

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The Sports Brothers

Sam's coming out will test NFL

Just like the real world,  the American sports world is changing everyday. For years there has been major speculation about whether the NFL has had or will ever accept an openly gay player.

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Hearty congratulations go out to the following persons who were voted on the “vestry” as the results of the “vestry election” at Saint Agnes on Jan. 29. 3 year term: Torin Wallace, Oscar Branyon, Sr., Steve Carroll, George Wellington Davis. 2 year term: Herbert Rhodes, Juanita Armbrister, Joan P. Ballard and Evelina Bestman. 1 year term: Janet Brown, Malvern Mathis, Barbara Burrows and David Wilson.

Thursday, February 6

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Hadley Park Homeowners feeling ignored and left out

Residents express displeasure with police and city officials

At the recent Hadley Park Homeowners (and Rentals) (HPHA) Association meeting held on Jan. 28 at the Carrie P. Meek Senior Citizen Center, 1350 NW 50th St., “being left out,” and “ignored” were voiced adamantly and with much concern by the members of the Association. They unanimously said, “We are going to be respected and treated fairly by those we helped or did not help get into office. If not, we will get them out of office.”

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City Cemetery honors Black charter

The 21st annual Commemorative Service and Youth Talent on Parade program will be held on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 3 p.m. in the Miami City Cemetery, 1800 NE 2nd Ave.. and Biscayne Park, next to the cemetery. Commissioner Audrey Edmonson will bring greetings and make presentations to the Essay Contest and Youth Talent On Parade winners. Other program participants include: Mrs. Becky Roper Matkov, President of Dade Heritage Trust; James McQueen, Esq., Chief of Staff and Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

UTD president's generous donation gets put to good use

UTD President, Fedrick Ingraham gets to see his generous donation go to good use as he poses with grant recipient and coordinator of the project, Sonya Stevenson, Mae Walter

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Brownsville job seekers express optimism

Commissioner Monestime hosts needed job fair

For the past two years, Brownsville resident Kenneth Rozier has remained financially afloat by working odd jobs in tiling and carpentry for friends & family members. A 29-year old with a criminal background for possession of firearm, Rozier views his conviction as a barrier to him obtaining employment.

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Say yes, give Florida a minimum wage raise

In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama said, “Say yes. Give America a raise.” I could not agree more. It is time to give Florida a raise. I have filed House Bill 385 to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour in Florida. More than 1 million Florida workers would benefit from this increase because they are now earning less than $10.10 per hour. Florida has the second highest number of people making minimum wage after Texas, mostly because of the large number of workers in hotels, restaurants and other service industries.

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The event: Opa-locka’s State of the City address

Mayor Otis Wallace, the  sagacious public servant of Florida City, commented once that Black municipalities seem to have stories written about them that always portray them in a negative light, and that their positive achievements are never publicized. I reflected upon the words of Mayor Wallace, when I attended

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Correctly trained, your child will make you proud

Torace Poole has established his ministry at an early age

The word of God says if parents train their children well while they are young, even if they depart from the training, they will return. “Somehow, it seems that those are just spoken words and not words that are acted upon,” Evangelist Ladi Jenkins said. “We must learn to either believe or not believe the word of God. There is no in between or taking parts of it.”

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Complexions ballet comes to South Florida

Former Alvin Ailey dancers bring unique show

According to artistic directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson the world has become more fluid, changeable and culturally interconnected than ever before--similar to their ballet, Complexions. In the 19 years since its inception, the troupe of 14 dancers have brought their unique brand of contemporary dance to the world with their groundbreaking mix of methods, styles and cultures that challenge traditional ideas.

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Very sorry to have heard of the death of “Edna DeVeaux” who moved along with her husband to Jacksonville many years ago. Edna was a member of Saint Agnes Episcopal Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and worked as a secretary at Dunbar Elementary. She was a kindergarten Sunday school teacher at St. Agnes. She is the sister of Richard “Rocky” DeVeaux. Mrs. Harriet Outen is her aunt whom she lived with for many years.

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Lifestyle Happenings

History Miami: Civil Rights in Miami will hold a panel discussion featuring Garth Reeves, Civil Rights activist and publisher emeritus of The Miami Times, on Wed. Feb. 5 at the North Dade Regional Library and Sat. Mar. 1 at the South Dade Regional Library. The event is free and open to the public. Call 305-375-1614. The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Eta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. is having their 3rd annual Pre-Valentine’s Dance scholarship fundraiser; Fri. February 7 from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. in the Pearl Harbor Room at American Legion Post 29. Call 305-685-8198.

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Owner of Overnight Success awarded substantial grant

Samuel Gilmore focusing on company’s future

Chase and Google recently presented 12 small businesses with $3 million in grants along with a trip to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.  Among those 12 recipients is a man of great wisdom that goes by the name, Samuel Gilmore, Jr. Twenty-one years ago, a former Air Force pilot who was born and raised in Miami started the company Overnight Success, a construction and supply company. Gilmore’s primary reason was to create jobs for

Florida Blue appoints its first Black vice president of medical operations

Dr. Jannifer Drake Harper was named the new vice president of Medical Operations and chief medical officer at Florida Blue. Harper will be responsible for the development of the overarching clinical strategy and will serve as Florida Blue’s organizational clinical representative to many key external and internal stakeholders.

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Jackson Soul Food: Serving Overtown since 1946

Local owner Shirlene Ingraham talks business

The Florida restaurant industry is expected to show significant growth in 2014. According to the National Restaurant Association’s [NRA] 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast, more than 899,000 jobs will be created this year, and an additional 134,600 jobs in the next decade.

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Faith Calendar

Greater Harvest Baptist Church, North Miami, cordially invites you to their Mass Choir Greater Harvest Voices for Christ Extravaganza on Fri., Feb. 7 at 7:30. Call 786-360-5092. Miami Dade College’s (MDC) North Campus will present its 8th Annual Gospel Explosion and Soul Food Tasting from 5-9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 8, in the Lehman Theatre. The event is free and open to the public. Call 305-237-3473.

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Chatter That Matters

The African-American Committee of Dade’s Heritage Trust and Lemon City Cemetery Corporation cordially invite you to the 21st Commemorative Service and parade, also, honoring the late William D. Bascomb, a City of Miami Incorporator, Icons Gwendolyn Welters and Juanita Jackson, and featuring an Essay Contest and Youth on Parade: Chrystin Rembert, Breanna Rolle, Brittane Rolle, Keya Curtis, Kaysia Curtic, Horatio Major, III, Adonnas Jones, Kequan J. Cannon, Lonnie McCartny.

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Children of Liberty City learning a different tune

Inauguration for first phase of the new Children’s Orchestra

Students of the inner-city are now playing a new kind of tune thanks to the efforts from the Miami Music Project; Miami Children’s Initiative [MCI] and the The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.  El Sistema Miami [ESMIA] Liberty City Chapter’s children’s orchestra held an inauguration program at Charles R. Drew K-8 Center where nearly hundreds of guests arrived to show their gracious support.

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A response: Setting the record straight

While reading the Miami Times, January 27, 2014 edition, I was surprised to see an article about the funding for the Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). While I

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The Jewel of Overtown: Lyric Theater to reopen

Highly anticipated debut in the works

When it comes to the Lyric Theater, Timothy Barber can spend hours on end discussing it’s glory days as Little Broadway, the Black community’s only source for entertainment and arts. “In its original heyday, it was a source of revenue for Overtown,” said Barber, the executive director of the Black Archives History & Foundation of South Florida Inc. “It stands to inspire the community of Overtown because its a standing example of the zeal of a Black community built from the ground up by a Black business man. If it once was, it could be again.”