Correctly trained, your child will make you proud

Torace Poole has established his ministry at an early age

Gigi Tinsley | 2/6/2014, 9 a.m.
The word of God says if parents train their children well while they are young, even if they depart from ...
Rev. Torace D. Poole

The word of God says if parents train their children well while they are young, even if they depart from the training, they will return.

“Somehow, it seems that those are just spoken words and not words that are acted upon,” Evangelist Ladi Jenkins said. “We must learn to either believe or not believe the word of God. There is no in between or taking parts of it.”

They key word is “train.” And in this instance it means “according to God’s instructions, a parent cannot act as a heathen and expect their child(ren) to act differently. Nor can they spare the rod because they are afraid of going to jail,” said Pastor Torace Deon Poole.

He is a prime example of what being trained well is all about. Poole is only 21 years old and has been preaching since the age of 13. In fact, it was at Rev. Harold Marsh’s New Christ Tabernacle Church (NCTC) that he preached one of his initial sermons to the public.

Poole, a graduate of Miami Carol City Senior High School, is the pastor of The Lord’s Temple Embassy of Praise Apostolic Church (TLTEPAC) at 1540 NW 111th St. and his members and their sensational choir turned out in large numbers “to support our pastor,” they echoed. The church was organized with 45 members and now averages 150 per Sunday.

Poole and his choir appeared in Jan. on the 100 Women in White and 100 Men in Black program at New Christ Tabernacle Church. The event was sponsored by the Minister of Music Virginia Bostic of NCTC.

Poole spoke on Gideon and did the summation for all of the other speakers, including this writer. The young man was simply phenomenal.

“I followed my grand-father, the late James R. Poole, the pastor of True Believers in Christ around, wherever he went,” Poole said.“As a member of his Christ, I was in total awe of his love for the Lord and how he respected other people.” He added that “at that early age, a lot of people prophesied that I was going to become a preacher but I didn’t take their statements as gospel. I waited until I personally heard from the Lord.”

Poole has family respect, also

Fifteen members of Poole’s family are members of the church he pastors. His godbrother, Kazembe Archer, a member of TLTEPAC’s Choir said, “Since I have been a member of TLTEPAC there has been a big turn around in my life. My pastor not only preaches well, he is a great teacher. I now have a more clearer understanding of what is being preached about. He is young, but I feel that is what the young people need today. Our generation relates well to him.”

Nicole Harris, also a member of the choir said, “when I hear Proverbs 1:5, I think about Pastor Poole: He is a great inspiration to the young community, and we see that his walk with God is true.”

“Pastor is the best thing that happened to me, ” said Poole’s older brother, Horace. He is not just a Sunday morning Christian, he is a seven-day a week Christian and pastor. He reads his bible daily and the way he acts around the house — letting the Holy Spirit use him — is a true indication of what we are going to hear on Sunday morning.”

His older sister, Nakia, echoed all of the above statements.

Poole’s mother, Carol Poole said, “I am so proud of my son and to see and hear preaching and teaching God’s word with so excitement, brings tears to my eyes on numerous occasions.”