Hadley Park Homeowners feeling ignored and left out

Residents express displeasure with police and city officials

Gigi Tinsley | 2/6/2014, 9 a.m.
At the recent Hadley Park Homeowners (and Rentals) (HPHA) Association meeting held on Jan. 28 at the Carrie P. Meek ...

At the recent Hadley Park Homeowners (and Rentals) (HPHA) Association meeting held on Jan. 28 at the Carrie P. Meek Senior Citizen Center, 1350 NW 50th St., “being left out,” and “ignored” were voiced adamantly and with much concern by the members of the Association. They unanimously said, “We are going to be respected and treated fairly by those we helped or did not help get into office. If not, we will get them out of office.”

The members of the Association must live within the following boundaries: On the south-41st St.; on the north 71st St.; on the east to I-95 and on the west to 17th Ave.

Herschel L. Haynes, the 3rd chairman since the organization inception has been called back to be the interim chair, since the fourth and current chair has taken a sabbatical. (Willie Williams was the first and George Stanley the second chair).

Some of the major concerns voiced was the way items that directly concern the Hadley Park Association were placed on the Commission agenda without the Board of Trustees being notified. Therefore, Luke Campbell was the only registered individual who was listed to speak on the topic of why the city of Miami has not begun building on the approved 7 million Youth building designated for that area. (It seems that it was reported at the Commission meeting that a search is on to try and find 5 million more needed dollars).

Mrs. Nancy Dawkins asked Mayor Tomas Regalado for permission to speak —”representing the AARP Group that utilizes the existing building (being overflowed by youth from the area) and as a Board Member of HPHA. The normalcy is that no one is allowed to speak in the Commission meetings unless they are registered. But with approximately 100 AARP members in attendance, I really didn’t think he was going to deny my speaking,” Dawkins said.

The other concern was that when the AARP group does place an item on the agenda it is at the bottom of the list. “This should not happen,” Dawkins stated. “We are older people and some respect should be given to that fact.”

Brandyss Howard, representing Commissioner Keon Hardemon, District 5 said, “It is possible to have the agendas sent to designated individuals in the organization so that the group can be aware of items that need their attention and attendance.” Howard also informed the group that she is no longer the liaison between Commissioner Hardemon and the HPHA for the Model City Area.” The consensus of the members was to have the agenda sent to the interim president, Board Members Henry Goa and Nancy Dawkins.

Other concerns addressed by attendees including Pernerva Curry and directed to Commander D. Carr included: Why does it take so long for the police to come into this area for calls about gambling, shootings, break-ins and speeding? “We respond to calls according to priority.”

Morley assistant to Mayor Regalado stated the protocol for contacting the mayor and being proactive with requests rather than reactive.

The meeting hour were changed to 6 p.m. from 6:30 and a meeting with Commissioner Hardemon was scheduled for the next day, Wed., Jan. 29, to address concerns that a re prevalent in District 5.