Anna Sweeting | 2/6/2014, 9 a.m.
Very sorry to have heard of the death of “Edna DeVeaux” who moved along with her husband to Jacksonville many ...

Very sorry to have heard of the death of “Edna DeVeaux” who moved along with her husband to Jacksonville many years ago. Edna was a member of Saint Agnes Episcopal Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and worked as a secretary at Dunbar Elementary. She was a kindergarten Sunday school teacher at St. Agnes. She is the sister of Richard “Rocky” DeVeaux. Mrs. Harriet Outen is her aunt whom she lived with for many years. Rest in peace, Edna.

Get well wishes go to all of our sick and shut-ins: Wallace Gordon, Cynthia Bethel, Rosemary Branyon, G. Louise Cleare, Evangeline Gibson, Rev. Shedrick Gilbert, Laverne Ingraham, Bernadette Ingraham, Gladys Moss, Pauline McKinney, Ella McKinney, Barbara Kee, Elizabeth Mackey, Thedore Moss, Hughie Nairn, Sr, Winston Scavella, Leila O’Berry, Veronica O’Berry, Wilmina Welch and Phillip Wallace.

A trip down memory lane.

I am very elated to list our Delta Sorors who have been members of our great sisterhood for over 50 years. Do you remember when we pledged?

Dr. Dazelle Dean Simpson, Edith J Coverson, Gendolyn F. Clarke, Agenoria S. Paschal, Anna Grace Sweeting, Margaree Orr Raiford, Ida S. Cash, Dorothy Graham, Gussie J. Ervin, Erslyn F. Anders, Mary Benson Mitchell, Mae Armstrong Everett, Dorothy C. Culmer, Eleanor Davis Coleman, Nellie Barr Wilder, Valeria Cameron Pearcey, Tesselyn McLeod Brown, Annie Ruth Brown, Maureen Stafford Bethel, Shirley Williams Paramore, Brandhilda McKenzie Moore, Maudelle A. Brown, Peggy W. Taylor, Rubye Williams Rakin, Ondrea L. Mack, Barbara Anders, Octeon Cleopatra Tellis, Alstene L. McKinney, Charlie Ann Richardson, Helen Jackson Davis, Dorothy Davis, Sara M. Bullock, Imogene Johnson, Joyce Rolle Williams, Bloneva Smith, Mary Gholston Jackson and Villetta J. Howard.

May all of you be blessed with good health and a safe and prosperous new year.

Hearty congratulations go out to Angenoria S. Paschal who now has a school named after her. Our community is very proud of you soror. Olinda Elementary is now sporting a new name “Angenora S. Paschal Elementary” is located at 56 Street and 21st. Ave.