Soul Centric provides a home to “Miami’s new culture”

TRU Soul and local business make joint effort to bring back soul

Ashley Montgomery | 2/13/2014, 9 a.m.

South Beach is home of the glitz and glamour; where the socialites mingle and the celebrities from all over the world reside in their million-dollar mansions. On the other side of town, Tru Soul Entertainment wants to make a name for some of the less-known celebs in town. 


Andre Thornton

Founder Andre Thornton, 36, and his co-founder Sandrell Apatira, 34, created TRU Soul to cater to local talent and put on different events to give artists a platform to present their talents to big-wig record label talent scouts. 

“I came up with a theory that a reason people never got to see local talent is because they never had that platform,” Thornton, the founder said. 

Thronton has over 10 years of experience in the music business and from the start noticed while being in a lot of studios that great talent from out of the city was being used over the people located right here in Miami.

Thornton says that he approached Apatira who was also born and raised in Miami and has years of experience in event planning, to help him reach his lifelong dream. 

On Feb. 14, Tru Soul Entertainment will present Soul Centric at Studio 504 Miami [504 NE 190th Street]. Thornton met with the owner of Studio 504 Miami, Theory, after noticing him on a flyer. He says he immediately contacted him to propose his business plan and the rest is history. 

Hosted by comedian Chello Davis, the event features local artists, a live band and a local DJ to keep the audience entertained.

“Coming up, there was never a common location for Miami’s Black talent to showcase themselves besides the strip club,” Thornton said. “Not everyone wants to be in that type of environment.” 

So that is where 504 Studio Miami comes to the rescue. 

“Andre really wanted to embody the culture of what Miami is all about,” Apatira said. 

Thornton and Apatira are looking forward to the communities support for their very first talent showcase. 

Apatira was bought aboard fully supporting Thornton’s vision and wanting to be as supportive as possible. 

“We invited a lot of organizations and agencies that want to better the community,” Apatira said. “We just want to create a home for these people.” 

Local love 

Thornton says that Soul Centric is just the beginning of his vision and he is anticipating there being a plethora of talent found from his monthly showcases. 

“We’re doing showcases but at the same time, we are going to help promoters and unsigned talent get their word out,” Thornton said. “Our goal is to help resurrect the historic representation of Miami’s soul music roots. 

Thornton says that social media has been an awesome platform but nothing replaces a stage and the opportunity to share raw talent with a live audience. 

“We also aim to support local charities and organizations by donating a portion of our ticket sales to their cause; we believe that you have to give to see the community flourish,” Apatira said. 

Thornton and his team aspire to reach the masses and link Miami together as one. No matter their artistry, he is calling you out to come show your skills so that maybe one day you could sign the deal of your dreams.