BTW’s “Apples”did not fall far from the “Trees”

Gigi Tinsley | 2/20/2014, 9 a.m.
On Sunday, Feb. 9th, Booker T. Washington Alumni Association, Inc.’s Orange, Black and White Tea Committee, chaired by Ms. Cecilia ...

On Sunday, Feb. 9th, Booker T. Washington Alumni Association, Inc.’s Orange, Black and White Tea Committee, chaired by Ms. Cecilia L. Hunter presented the very successful “The Apples Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” celebration instead of the usual annual “Unsung Heroes” event.

At 4 p.m., the celebration began with the impeccable and dapper dressed WPLG local 10 News Anchor Calvin Hughes as the emcee. Eight “Apples” —the offspring of Washingtonian parents, were escorted into the auditorium by men and women Washingtonians, dressed in beautiful orange jackets and orange and black tops, to their seats. Their parents were seated directly behind them.

Principal and vice-principal William Aristide and Kevin Lawrence, respectively, welcomed the filled-auditorium attendees “to the home of the National Senior High School Football Champions” and asked for a moment of silent prayer for one of his students who had been hurt and was in the hospital in a comma.”

The “Apples” were being honored for their accomplishments and notable contributions to society.

As their accomplishments were being vocalized, the audience was also seeing the honorees pictorially. The honorees were as follows:

Desirae D. Allen, Donald Hylor, Jr., Yolanda Cash Jackson, Lanette R. Jones, Lisa B. Lofton, John R. Marks, III; C. Kwanza Morton and Ebony Warren Walton.

Participants on the program included, Co-Chairperson Paulette M. Morton who welcomed the attendees to the event and Father Denrick E. Rolle, Rector of St. Agnes Episcopal Church, who gave a most fervent prayer. Dr. Mary Hylor, Class of ‘64, the “songbird” serenaded the audience with two lovely selections; Agnes Morton, Class of 55, gave the informative history of BTW which included many struggles including being bombed twice, before opening in 1926.

Also, God’s Angels, a duo of liturgical dancers, twin sisters Signisha and Quenisha Moffet, who really pleased the crowd with their dance rendition. And Ronald “Lank” Maycock, ‘Class of ‘65, Miami Northwestern, who sang as usual, superbly.

Roberta Daniels, the president of the BTW Alumni National Association, Inc. in her closing remarks, gave Hunter and her committee most deserving accolades for all of their hard work.

The Orange, Black and White Tea Committee were: Hunter, Paulette M. Martin, vice-chairlady; Elestine Allen, Madeline Atwell, Barbara Burrows, Daniels, Evelyn Davis, Johnnie Fields, Annie Gilbert, Beatrice Hudnell, Marsha Marks Scott, Joyce Moffett, Phyllis Myers, Mary Simmons, Janet Symmonette, Gloria Taylor, Girlean “Gigi” Tinsley, Shirley Walton, and Martha “Starr” Wilson.

Daniels also gave thanks and admiration to all of the program participants, the vast audience that came out to make the program a success and to Hughes for the great job he did making the program run so smoothly.