Jordan Davis’ family still seeking justice

Queen Brown | 2/20/2014, 9 a.m.
Michael Dunn a white software developer claims that it was out of fear that he shot and murdered 17-year-old Black ...

Michael Dunn a white software developer claims that it was out of fear that he shot and murdered 17-year-old Black teenager, Jordan Davis. According to the shooter, the teenager pointed a gun at him and threatened his life after he asked him to turn down the loud music that was coming from the truck in which Davis was sitting. It was Michael Dunn’s skewed perception of Black males that led to the senseless murder of the unarmed teenager. Michael Dunn’s lame excuse is being used to justify what is unjustifiable, murdering an unarmed African American teenager. We must remember that Jordan Davis and his family are the victims. Michael Dunn victimized and disrespected the four teenagers even before he fatally shot and killed Jordan Davis. All the evidence and the testimonies presented during the trial support the fact that the victim did nothing to cause his own death. Michael Dunn pulling the trigger on those teenagers had nothing to do with loud music.

Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis were complete strangers the day that Dunn killed the unarmed teenager. There was no reason for him to feel threatened by the Black teenager. No weapon was ever found nor did the victim ever get out of his vehicle. We all know by now that the supposed gun and the threats Dunn used in his defense were illusions. Michael Dunn was delusional and deadly. The deadly encounter began taking shape long before he crossed paths with the four unarmed teenagers.

Unfortunately for Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn allowed his uncontrollable rage and biases towards rap music, as he seems to imply, to drive him to kill Jordan Davis and attempt to kill three other young men. According to Dunn’s girlfriend when he heard the so called “thug music” he expressed his hatred for the music. But was Dunn’s hatred towards the music or the people listening to the music? Whatever was going on in Michael Dunn’s head the day he pulled into the gas station and killed Jordan Davis had nothing to do with the victims’ actions. His deadly response had everything to with the perpetrator’s beliefs, values and hatred towards the victims’ culture and their music.

Many of us are trying to come to terms with the continued senseless killing of young Black men including Jordan Davis. Some of us are blaming the jury or the State of Florida Attorney’s Office for the not reaching a verdict in the Michael Dunn murder trial.  Although we know that the prosecution team in this case left a lot to be desired. The jury was deadlocked on the first- degree murder charge and the Judge declared a mistrial. Florida State Prosecutor Angela Corey has declared that Michael Dunn will be a retried for the shooting of Jordan Davis. Hopefully the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, would be willing to appoint a Special Prosecutor to retry Michael Dunn because it is clear many people have doubts about the competency and the motive of Florida prosecutors in these types of cases. All we are asking for is justice for Jordan Davis.