V74 Boutique ‘gives back with a heart’

Local boutique raises funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Ashley Montgomery | 2/20/2014, 9 a.m.
With the growing use of social media marketing, V74 Boutique has been able to make its mark in Miami’s fashion ...
Vanessa Floyd

With the growing use of social media marketing, V74 Boutique has been able to make its mark in Miami’s fashion market. Vanessa Floyd, a Miami native who graduated from American High School, found triumph in the midst of a horrible tragedy — losing her mother. 

“Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the act of shopping. . . it has always been something that I love to do,” Floyd said. 

“Miami Gardens has been criticized for its deadly shootings and frequent negative press, it’s good to hear that there are some positive things going on there,” Tyneatria Dixon, a customer of V74 Boutique said. 

“Once my mother passed, she left me a substantial amount of money and being that I always wanted to start my own business, I thought of no better way than to open up a clothing store,” Floyd said. 

With nearly 40,000 followers ranging from 21 to 45 years old, following her Instagram account, Floyd prides herself on being different than any other boutique around. “

“I would say a very high percentage of V74 Boutique's customers view the boutique’s clothing on Instagram before they come in physically and shop,” Ashley Gloster, spokesperson for V74 Boutique said. 

“With the advancement of technology, social marketing has brought in at least 75 percent of our current customers,” Floyd said. 

V74 is all about giving back to those in need. Floyd recalls her mother instilling in her the importance of donating to charities from a young age, St. Jude’s Children Hospital in particular. 

Which is what stimulated her ‘Giving Back with a Heart’ event last week. 

With her security guard and two employees, Floyd ensures that her small business works for her and her loyal customers. Floyd says shopping at her store is different than any other boutique because of the hands-on operation which she delivers at her store. 

The pre-Valentine’s Day shopping event was a special treat for fashion lover throughout Miami. Attendees were able to view and purchase exclusive designer vintage items while simultaneously helping a good cause. 

Floyd says she chose to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital because it was somewhere that her mother always donated to and so, it is “near and dear” to her heart. 

Fifteen percent of the proceeds were donated to the research hospital which is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 

Shoppers enjoyed an evening filled with entertainment, socializing and vendors from across Miami. Vendors included Shimmer in The Dark, a local online accessory boutique, owned by Shanese Turner; KD’s Mode Accessories, owned by Jasmine Briggs and Sit’n Pretty Trends, owned by Mercedes Haynes. 

Local love and appreciation 

Floyd not only hosts semi-monthly events to support national causes but she also provides teachers, officers and those who currently or served in the military with a 10 percent discount off items in her store. 

“They mean so much to us here at V74 Boutique, all of them risk their lives everyday to make the world a better place,” Floyd said. 

Providing a discount to these hard-workers is the least that she feels she can do to show them what they mean to the community.